Preview: GEST MX

GEST MX Hastings MCC Ltd. is a small family-orientated motocross club, based in and around surrounding areas of East Sussex. GEST run a number of categories throughout their events to try and accommodate every age and ability of rider.

The junior group, the smallest class in terms of sheer size, run bikes from 50cc to 65cc. The next class up from them would be the Small Wheel class, accommodating the 85cc riders still running the smaller-wheeled machines, before then moving up to GEST’s Big Wheel class.

There is then a transitional class for the adolescent riders. The Youth Open class allows for the guys and girls moving up from the 85cc bikes to the bigger 125cc and 250F machines to have a few interim seasons riding in a youth category, before jumping up into the adults.

GEST also run three adult groups (GMX1, GMX2 and GMX3). GMX3 is suited to an average novice rider, establishing a platform for an adult rider that is new to the sport to sink their teeth into. GMX2 is a class best fitted to an intermediate-level rider with a few years of experience on the racing scene, which serves as a stepping-stone to a more competitive level of MX. Finally GMX1 accommodates the riders that consider themselves to be at an expert level. This class consists of GEST’s fastest and most admirable riders, all capable of battling for the top spot. If you think you’re fast enough, why not try your luck against these guys and see how your fare?

Whatever level you think you are at, GEST are more than happy to advise you when deciding what class you think you are best suited to.

GEST is a part of the SEMX and SEYMX Championships, hosting an event that contributes to the overall of the championship, along with other ACU affiliated clubs. The series is sponsored, offers prize money and considerable trophies to its entrants should they emerge victorious.

GEST also run an annual two-day event at Sellindge motocross track, which also offers trophies to its victors as well as various other activities for spectators and riders to participate in over the weekend.

GEST boast a calendar that consists of both regionally-accredited circuits, as well as tracks renowned at an national and international level. Their season will see the club return to venues such as Staplecross, Iden, Ringmer, Parkgate and Hawkhurst. If those tracks don’t tickle your fancy, you may also be interested to know that GEST meetings are run at both Canada Heights and Mildenhall! For more information, click this link.

Words: Marc Carter/Ian Tiltman | Lead Image: GEST MX Hastings MCC Ltd.

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