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MX Vice Race Academy Update

As most of you know, MX Vice was set up for a few reasons, for those of you who don’t know, we are trying to raise the profile of British Motocross to the mainstream and help put money back into the sport we love. Our policy of MX Vice ‘making no money’ may seem strange to some, especially to our competitors who are owned by corporations whos main focus is money. We have a vision which is very exciting but at the same time I can’t say to much as I know some of our friends are looking for new ideas all the time.

This year we are helping out a selection of riders to start with, they are:

Ross Keyworth MX1 British Championship and Premier South West Championship

Conor Ford 65cc Redbull and South Somerset Club Championship

Callum Ford BW Redbull and South Somerset Club Championship

We are also supporting Alex Hussey MX1, Janson Day MX2 and Mikey Burfield with some kit and graphics for the 2012 season.

Why are we helping these riders?

Last year Ross Keyworth was riding a 2009 Kawasaki 450 in the British Championships. Unfortunately Ross was supporting himself and budgets didn’t allow him to be as competitive as he would like. Ross tried his best but quite a few DNF’s got the better of him…What stuck out last season more than anything was Ross never moaned about his misfortune and never gave up. With anyone we work with we have to make sure that the person we decide to help needs to be an all round nice guy, Ross definitely fits the bill.

Those who know Ross also know how laid back he is, those who really know Ross also know what losses he has experienced over the past couple of years. During November 2011 Ross set to work, nothing fancy, no Cali, Florida or Spanish training camps, just good old English wet mud… Training 5 times a week in the gym while other were living the party lifestyle, Ross has knuckled down to try and make the best out of the opportunity that has arisen.

This year Ross has been hooked up with a bike, suspension, gear, spares and a mechanic with a professional pit area to work out from. What would Ross be able to do with the right equipment? Well a 24th and a 26th got the season off to a great start at Hawkstone riding against the likes of Desalle and Paulin.

From his impressive showing at Hawkstone (which was low key to most in the sport) Ross’s next stop was Landrake in the Premier South West Championship. Riding against a host of quality riders like Aubin, Booker Cremers, Evans and last years champion May, our aim for Ross was to finish in the top 10.. What we didn’t take into account was the 12 hours of rain that poured down on Landrake before the race kicked off. Qualifying didn’t go very well with Ross not able to get a clean lap in…and qualifies 34th.

As we all know, racing is a different kettle of fish… So Race 1 and Ross got a good start and moved his way through the field, Luke Hill taking an early lead with Maarteen Cremers behind. Definitely something different about this Ross Keyworth from last years..the Ross Keyworth the crowd was watching was pulling through the field passing Shipton and quickly found himself battling with Cremers for 2nd. Ross took Cremers for 2nd and focussed on reeling in Luke Hill. At the same time, John May (last years champion) was the fastest rider on the track and caught and passed Ross. Again though rather than fading Ross pressed forward staying with John May and passed Luke Hill for 2nd. What was great to see and hear was the voices around me talking about Ross, all of them positive saying what an improvement. Ross finished in 2nd behind May, as you can imagine everyone in the MX Vice camp was overjoyed with Race one, it felt like we’d won the FA Cup or something. I guess it was down to the fact that we have all believed that Ross could do it, but its hard to Race at that level without the support when you are working 50 hour weeks as a plasterer and then have to fit training in, work on your bike, pick up spares and make do with cheap parts etc.. Something all of us can relate to.

We still had two races to go but again Ross exceeded expectations by demonstrating it wasn’t a one race wonder. A hard thought 4th position taking Jackson Evans on the last lap and finishing only 2 seconds behind Booker. Going into Race 3 Ross was on for the overall due to Aubin and Mays results.  Race 3 and Ross got out the gate in about 14th, quickly moved up to 8th but coming round a corner the front washed out. Unable to start the bike quickly Ross came from last to 17th for 5th overall on the day and 2 points off of 3rd.

So all in all a great day..

Conor and Callum were both doing well at there meeting at Brookthorpe for South Somerset. Conor taking all 3 wins and Callum putting in a fine performance for 5th overall.

Today Sunday 18th, Ross and Janson are both racing the MX1 and MX2 Class at Whiteway Barton/Phoenix MotoParc, Callum, Conor, Alex and Mikey are taking the day off.

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