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MX Vice goes to print!

MX Vice has grown at an astounding rate over the last twelve months, with more and more people visiting the site regularly to find out what is going on in the sport that we love so much. However, we are never willing to settle, and as a result we have been looking for a way to elevate what we do and help push British motocross forward.

This is why we started a free, digital magazine at the start of the year. We have now released five issues and the interest in that has grown too, which we are delighted about. However, we have always had one eye on print, as that is an area that we have not yet conquered. We originally hoped that the first issue would be able to be released in that form, but alas, funding prevented it.

Now that we are in a position to print the free magazine, we jumped at the chance. Although it will be free, we can assure you that the quality of the content will be top-notch – many sleepless nights have been had whilst putting each issue together.

So, why are we doing a free, printed magazine? It is hoped that this will help us to reach an audience that is not so accepting of digital, and will consequently help MX Vice to grow. By being free, the magazine and sport will be accessible too. It will be distributed through the dealers around the country, and will therefore support them, as they are the backbone of the sport – British motocross would be lost without them.

We will also be sending the magazine out to your home, if you wish, all you will have to do is cover the postage cost, but we’ll have more information on that soon. The magazine will be bi-monthly, in order to allow us to ensure every page is perfect and full of intriguing content that you want to read.

The first printed issue is slated for release towards the end of October, and will feature an abundance of unique content from the Motocross des Nations, the end of the British season and more! Of course, the site will continue to grow in this time too, so make sure you keep checking back to for news and analysis from the races, as well as details on the printed magazine.

Are you interested in advertising in the MX Vice magazine? If you would like more information, email [email protected] and [email protected].

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