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MINI O’s! Times, Dates, Links and Dylan Woodcock!

UK’s Dylan Woodcock is riding in the Mini O’s. We’re hoping to bring you live updates of his progress in the US.

Info for the MINI O’s can be found here:

Schedule of Events:
Nov 21-23 / Supercross
Monday: Practice Starts – 8 a.m.-Supercross Qualifying begins – 1 p.m.
Tuesday: Finish Supercross Qualifying-Begin Supercross Mains
Wednesday: Remaining SX Finals

Nov 23-26 / Motocross
Wednesday: MX Practice begins in the afternoon
Thursday: Finish MX Practice-Begin MX Racing-End the day at 4p.m. to begin the Thor?Thanksgiving Feast
Friday: MX Racing
Saturday: Finish MX Racing-Awards Ceremony

Live Timing:

SX Results:

MX Results:

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