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Masters classes approaching capacity!!!

The AMCA’s Wulfsport British Masters is reaching capacity with the Michelin MX2 now full!

A few spaces are still available in the other classes, but they are nearing capacity so if you are planning on riding the Masters series in 2013, then get your registrations in quickly to avoid missing out!

Motoduro end of year presentation

Three AMCA clubs are joining forces to offer a huge joint end of season presentation to their members and will also incorporate the Motoduro championship presentation.

The presentation is on Friday 8th February at the Quarry Bank Conservative Club. There will be a live band and a buffet provided. Tickets are available for just £6 from Neil Hacket. Please contact Lee on 07875 530474 for further details.

Provisional MX1/MX2 Championship Dates

The MX1 and MX2 should be finalised next week, currently the provisional dates are as follows;

Rd1 – April 7

Rd2 – April 21

Rd3 – June 23

Rd4 – June 30

Rd5 – August 4

Rd6 – August 11

Rd7 – September 22

Rd8 – October 6

Sidecar Championship looking good

The dates are starting to become clear for the 2013 AMCA Sidecar Championship, great news for the chairs is that Brookthorpe will again be on the calendar with the Cheltenham club hosting, keep an eye on the news in the coming weeks for a full calendar.


The first AMCA motocross of the 2013 season is now live and up and running and LIVE for online entries.

The 24th February 2013 sees the new season officially kick off with two events. The first is Ross Falcons at the magnificent Bromsberrow, whilst the other is Devises at the brand new Wraxall venue!

Both events are opened up to all the other groups, who all kick off the following week, 3rd March. Visit the website for more info –


The Annual General Meeting 2012 will be held on Saturday 16th March at 10am.

The meeting will be held at the AMCA’s offices at Hyland House, Unit 28, Navigation Way, Cannock, WS11 7XU.

The Agenda will include:

  • Presentation of the Association’s accounts for the period ending 31st October 2012.
  • The re-election / election of Directors for a period of three years.
  • New applications for affiliation from clubs (received since last AGM).
  • Clubs are invited to submit proposals on the following: Articles of Association, general rules (not rules concerned with the sporting activities) including Affiliation and Conditions of Membership.

All proposals should be submitted on official club notepaper signed by two club officials and must arrive at the office by Thursday 31st January 2013 in order that the final agenda is circulated back to clubs prior to the AGM.

Motocross Committee – 16th March 2013

A date has been set for the next Modern Motocross Committee Meeting. The meeting will take place on Saturday 16th March 2013 at the AMCA Office in Cannock.

it will take place after the Financial AGM of the same date. It is envisaged that the Motocross Committee Meeting will commence at 12.30 and probably take no more than two hours.

Officials attending the Financial AGM are invited to stay behind and attend the Motocross Committee Meeting.

The Modern Motocross Committee consists of Group Coordinators plus a deputy from each group. There is a facility for each group to bring along a third person should there be a specific issue a group or club may wish to raise with the committee directly. There will be two votes per group, but only if two persons from the group are present.

If a club has any items it wishes to put forward please contact your group co-ordinator.

Get your Videos in!

The AMCA has launched its own YouTube channel and would like for our members to send in their video’s or headcam footage of AMCA events on DVD, or via email so they can be edited and uploaded to the site.

Please send them in with a brief covering letter giving details of the event, the date, and other info such as the race class or more and take pleasure in watching the views tot up!


AMCA events have registered on Facebook and Twitter – join us there for all of the tasty gossip and up to date Championship results as they happen! See or for all the juicy details!


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