Fifth Overall For Bobryshev At Season Opener

Honda World Motocross rider Evgeny Bobryshev made a strong start to the World MX1 Championship season today in Losail, Qatar with fifth in the opening moto and fourth in race two for fifth overall.

In the opening moto of today, which marks the first time that a Grand Prix motocross event has been held at night under floodlights, Bobryshev got a strong start into second place. The Russian racer was pressuring Kevin Strijbos, but couldn’t make the pass and was overtaken by Ken De Dycker in the middle of the race, as Clement Desalle charged to the front while Strijbos faltered.

The pace was high at the Losail track and in the last few laps Bobryshev, who has been absent from the very front of the field for an entire season, struggled with a little concentration and dropped back to fifth position at the chequered flag. Teammate Max Nagl tangled with a fallen Xavier Boog’s machine on the opening lap and struggled with sickness from mid moto, to bring his machine home in 11th place.

In the second race, which is a new format Super Final for overseas events with MX1 and MX2 combined, Bobryshev made another strong start aboard his Dunlop shod CRF450R close to the front of the field. The Russian star was looking capable of catching second position, but lost out to Gautier Paulin in the final stages, to finish in fourth place and fifth overall in the MX1 class.

Nagl didn’t get the best of starts, but was riding with a strong pace and good lap times in the opening stages, despite having a small crash, which left him close to the back of the field. The German racer attempted to come back through, but a lack of bike time and sickness combined with the pain in his hand, left him feeling physically drained, although his fighting spirit helped him through to the end of the race.
Following the race Nagl saw the Clinica doctor at the circuit and has been diagnosed with suspected food poisoning; he was given medication and injections to help his body recover.

To view an on-board lap with commentary from Evgeny Bobryshev during yesterday’s pre-qualifying, please click here.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777: 5th overall
“It’s been a fairly good day for us. In the first race I got a good start and I was second behind Strijbos. I tried to pass him, but made a mistake, so I slowed for a few laps before pushing again. Ken got me a little later, so I was third for quite a long time, then in the last few laps I wasn’t feeling physically tired, in fact there was definitely more in the tank, but I lost a little concentration. Tony passed me in that time, and when I saw two laps to go I tried to close the gap, but I just couldn’t make their speed. In the last lap Paulin managed to get me, which was really disappointing, but fifth place was a decent start to the year. In the second race I got a good start going full gas to the first turn. I was with the top three guys again, but dropped to fourth and the top guys were just a little quicker than me. I have to be happy with the results, because it’s a strong start to the season for me after a long time away from racing at the front with those guys. I feel good with the bike and the team, so thanks to everyone for their hard work, and thanks to my wife and new daughter Eva who were watching back home.” 

Max Nagl #12: 15th overall

“I am not sure if I had some bad food at lunchtime because in the first heat after the third lap I was feeling really sick with stomach pain and I was so tired, which meant I just had to survive the race. I could not push or do anything, so I was really disappointed. I also had a small crash with Boog, as he fell off in front of me in the first lap and I hit his bike. My bike was still running and I could take the clutch to get going again, but I was just so tired, and I thought I was going to vomit at the end of the race. The physiotherapist from the team did a great job with some stomach massage and medication, which really helped before race two. I felt much better, but I had a bad jump off the gate, so the start wasn’t good at all. I had a decent rhythm for the first 15-minutes; going through the field with good lap times, before I had a small crash. I got back going and could push for a couple more laps, but I just got so tired and I couldn’t do anything apart from get to the end of the race. I’m really disappointed, because my physical condition is good, so maybe I have some sickness. With the hand I have a lot of pain, and I can’t do a lot of the jumps properly, as I can’t hold on. It isn’t going to be great for Thailand, but I think by Valkenswaard it will be good. Overall I’m not happy with the weekend; the bike is good and everyone has worked very hard, so I feel sorry for the team, but I am going to take some rest in the next few days and hope we can be better for next weekend.”

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager

“It’s been an early start for the season and to be here, far from Europe, has been tough to get everything ready, but I have to say the quality of the facility here is very good. With the races we have mixed outcomes; Bobby has ridden well all weekend and has been back up with the front runners after a long time away, so two top five results were exactly what he needed. With Max he was very sick with his stomach, but that aside he’s shown his potential in his riding, and he’s gelling well with the bike and the team, so everything is growing in a good way. He’s certainly a fighter, as he was really unwell in the second moto, but our aim is get these two races out of the way so he can focus on making a full recovery with his hand and return to the front of the field.”

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