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Fatcats MAXXIS round 1

Mx2 qualifying kicks off!

elliot banks-brown just had a little fall but is still looking quick!
Nicolas aubin down and limping, so far Mel pocock quickest with a 1:42.7
The sun is out and Osborne is flying!

Qualify results.
1) Zachary Osborne 1:41.046
2) Arnaud tonus 1:41.935
3) Mel pocock 1:42.762
4) Graeme Irwin 1:43.979
5) Ryan houghton 1:44.588

Superpole mx2 top 3:
1) Zachary osborne 1:41.380
2) Arnaud tonus 1:42.574
3) Graeme Irwin 1:44.146

Mx1 qualifying underway!
Mxvice rider Ross Keyworth just had a massive off but I am glad to say he is back up and looking good.
Times so far:
1) Stephen sword 1:42.822
2) Kevin stribos 1:42.845
3) Gert krestinov 1:42.900
It’s very close to say the least!

Mx1 qualifying results:
1) Stephen sword 1:42:822
2) Kevin stribos 1:42.845
3) Gert krestinov 1:42:900
4) Shaun Simpson 1:43.545
5) Jason dougan 1:43.660

Mx1 superpole top 3:
1) Kevin stribos 1:41.414
2) Gert krestinov 1:42.856
3) Jason dougan 1.42.898

The veterans have taken to the track and the qualifying times are:
1) Phillip mercer 1:55.631
2) Greg Hansen 1:59.893
3) Terry house 2:00.940
4) Darren Scott 2:01.954
5) Gary hoptrugh 2:02.087

So as we wait for the first race of the 2012 Maxxis British motocross championship the start is being prepped, the sun is out keeping spectators in high spirits and the excitement is building. In MX2 Zach Osborne was over a second quicker than second place Arnaud Tonus, but Tonus is looking smooth and the track has now rutted up nicely so I think we are going to be in for a very exciting first race.

mx2 underway, Tonus with the holeshot! Osborne 2nd close behind. Nicolas aubin went down on the first corner. Elliot banks-Browne was third until he dropped it on lap 2. Lap 4 Osborne has taken the lead from tonus. Nicolas aubin has gone down again and has now been lapped. EBB is closing in on Bradshaw.

So top 5 standings at the moment:
1) Zach Osborne
2) Arnaud Tonus
3) Graeme Irwin
4) Mel pocock
5) Elliot Banks-Browne

4 minutes to go and there is less than a second between 1st and 2nd!

3 minutes to go and Tonus takes the lead!

Last lap and tonus has pulled a slight advantage.

And the checkered flag goes! The first mx2 race was definitely not a disappointment.
The final results:
1) Arnaud Tonus
2) Zach Osborne
3) Elliot Banks-Browne
4) Graeme Irwin
5) Mel pocock
6) Neville Bradshaw
7) Stewart Edmonds
8. Nathan Watson
9) Jordan Booker
10) James Cottrell

MX1 underway, stribos with the holeshot!
So after lap 1, stribos has the lead, mattis karro in second and Marc de Reuver in third.
At the moment Ross Keyworth is running in 22nd place and is working his way though the pack

Very close battle on the track for 3rd between Dougan and Simpson,it’s too close to call!
Shaun Simpson is now in 3rd and Krestinov has moved up to 4th with Dougan slipping to 5th with 3 minutes to go.

2 laps to go and Kevin Stribos has a comfortable lead.

Shaun Simpson has road a blinding race and has just passed Gert krestinov for 2nd place.

So, the checkered flag has dropped. The final results for the first mx1 race are:

1) Kevin Stribos
2) Shaun Simpson
3) Gert Krestinov
4) Jason Dougan
5) Marc De Reuver
6) Stephen Sword
7) Martin Barr
8. Mattis Karro
9) Jamie Law
10)Maarten Cremers.

Race 1 veterans results:
1) Phillip Mercer
2) Greg Hansen
3) Terry House
4) Gary Hoptrough
5) Paul Coward
6) Darren Scott
7) Peter Taylor
8. Scott Hayworth
9) Brian Wheeler
10)Jonathan White

So With the first races over it is apparent we are in for a great day of racing. In the mx2 it was non stop relentless battles which went down to the last few laps, in the Mx1 we had a clever ride from the leader and then we had Shaun Simpson battling through the pack to take 2nd.

Mx2 race 2 is coming up shortly, who will come out on top this time?

Mx2 race to is underway and Neville Bradshaw gets the holeshot but almost instantly Zach Osborne takes the lead with Mel Pocock in second and Bradshaw down to third. Arnaud Tonus is in 5th position.

Lap 3 and it is now the three Monster Energy yamahas first, second and third.
Standings are:
1) Zach Osborne
2) Mel Pocock
3) Arnaud Tonus
4) Graeme Irwin
5) Elliot Banks-Browne

Tonus has gone down! Tonus is now 35th and in the pits.
Arnaud Tonus is out!

With 8 minutes to go Zach Osborne has a comfortable lead with Mel pocock in second and Graeme Irwin in third. Elliot Banks-Browne is close behind in fourth and Neville Bradshaw is in fifth.

With 3 minutes to go EBB has got passed Irwin for 3rd.

2 laps to go and Elliot banks-Browne has gone down. He is now 30th.

With the checkered flag being shown Zach Osborne takes a comfortable win.
Mx2 race 2 results:
1) Zach Osborne
2) Mel Pocock
3) Graeme Irwin
4) Neville Bradshaw
5) Jordan Booker
6) Steven Lenoir
7) James Cottrell
8. Nicolas Aubin
9) Bradley Pocock
10)Stuart Edmonds.

Dnf’s for race 2 include Elliot Banks-Browne, Ray Rowson and Arnaud Tonus.

mx1 race 2 underway and Stribos gets the holeshot!

So as the come through Kevin Stribos is first, Mark De Reuver is second, Mattis Karro is 3rd, Stephen Sword in 4th and Martin Barr in 5th.

Mattis karro is pushing hard, he is up to second and challenging Stribos for the lead!

With 8 minutes to go the standing are:
1)Kevin Stribos
2) Mattis Karro
3) Gert Krestinov
4) Shaun Simpson
5) Martin Barr

As mx1 race 2 comes to an end Kevin Stribos takes the win.
Mx1 race 2 results:
1) Kevin Stribos
2) Mattis Karro
3) Gert Krestinov
4) Shaun Simpson
5) Martin Barr
6) Stephen Sword
7) Marc De Reuver
8. Nathan Parker
9) Jason dougan
10)Jamie Law

Veterans race 2 results:
1) Phillip Mercer
2) Greg Hanson
3) Adrian Bradley
4) Gary Hoptrough
5) Paul coward
6) Terry House
7) Darren Scott
8. Scott Hayworth
9) Brian Wheeler
10)Steve Elford

Coming up shortly, mx2 race 3.

Mx2 race 3 is underway and Arnaud Tonus gets the holeshot!

So lap 1 is it Tonus first, Pocock second, Osborne third, Irwin forth and Lenoir fifth.

Lap 4 Osborne takes second but Tonus is flying!
11 minutes to go and Osborne takes the lead!

So with 8 minutes to go the top 5 are:
1) Zach Osborne
2) Arnaud Tonus
3)Mel Pocock
4) Elliott Banks-Browne
5) Graeme Irwin

5 minutes to go and Irwin goes down

1 minute to got and Tonus takes the lead back from Osborne!

So the racing comes to an end for the mx2 riders and it was a close battle for first right to the flag.

Mx2 race 3 results:
1) Arnaud Tonus
2) Zach Osborne
3) Mel pocock
4) Elliott Banks-Browne
5) Steven Lenoir
6) Neville Bradshaw
7) Bryan MacKenzie
8. Graeme Irwin
9) Jordan Booker
10)Stuart Edmonds

So the mx2 podium is:
1st place – Zach Osborne
2nd place – Mel Pocock
3rd place – Graeme Irwin

Mx1 race 3 has just stared and Marc De Reuver got the holeshot! They was a pile up in the first corner with about 9 bikes involved.

So as they come around Stribos is leading with Coutts in second and De Reuver in third.

So with 10 minutes to go the top 5 are:
1) Kevin Stribos
2) Marc De Reuver
3) Mattis Karro
4) Martin Barr
5) Dorren Coutts

2 minutes to go and De Reuver goes down.
Standings now are:

The checkered flag brings an end to mx1 race 3
The final positions are:
1) Kevin Stribos
2) Mattis Karro
3) Martin Barr
4) Gert Krestinov
5) Shaun Simpson
6) Jason Dougan
7) Dorren Coutts
8. Stephen Sword
9) Jamie Law
10)Nathan Parker

So mx1 podium.
First place – Kevin Stribos
Second place – Gert Krestinov
Third place – Mattis Karro

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