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Explanation: Salop Motor Club

Fans were perplexed at Hawkstone Park on Sunday, as the price of admission was twenty-five pounds. It has cost twenty pounds to enter every other round of the Maxxis British Championship, including Hawkstone Park in recent years, so why did the price get raised? After contacting the ACU, it became apparent that this has nothing to do with them and was a decision made by the organising club. The Salop Motor Club have now responded with the following statement.

The committee of the Salop Motor Club Ltd. considered very carefully the costs involved in running a round of the Maxxis British Championship this year and reluctantly decided that they would have to increase the adult admission price from twenty pounds, where it has been for many years,” a representative from the Salop Club told MX Vice exclusively. “The increased figure of twenty-five pounds does not meet all the increased costs that the club has had to bear over that period. To cushion the effect of the increase it was decided to hold the family ticket at forty-five pounds and to give every adult a programme in the admission price, valued at three pounds. Many attendees were appreciative of these efforts as witness to an increase in the number of families attending the event.”

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: MPS Images

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