David Knight and Sherco for 2014

After the recent interview with the Sherco Factory, Sherco UK Importers, Malcolm Rathmell Sport, are absolutely delighted to announce the factory signing of top Enduro rider David Knight.

David has achieved a huge amount of success within the sport including numerous World and British Championship titles, adding to that his extreme Enduro successes all over the World, which led to him gaining an MBE in 2011. We are confident his efforts in the Indoor World Series and the top Extreme Enduros will bring him the success he so thoroughly deserves.

At MRS we feel this signing shows the total commitment of the Sherco factory to produce a bike of the highest quality and performance and that David will have the opportunity to show the natural talent he possesses, as well as helping the Sherco factory in their efforts to make the ultimate Enduro bike.

The first appearance in the UK will be at the Liverpool World Indoor Enduro on the 17th November, where all his UK fans will get the opportunity to see him in action once again.

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