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Injury Update: Tim Gajser

18 February (19:12)

HRC have released an official update on Tim Gajser, following that scary crash. “Gajser was conscious, he interacted with the medical staff and showed full body movement,” the report stated. “Results from MRI scans to head and cervical spine were clear. Gajser is currently undergoing a surgical operation to repair  two fractures in his jaw bone.” It remains to be seen what the recovery time is going to be. His status for the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina, which will take place in two weeks, is also unclear.

18 February (18:41)

After speaking to a member of Team HRC, MX Vice have learnt that an official update will be received in due course. However, for the time being, it was mentioned that there is nothing too serious to worry about. This backs up the statement that was made at the track and also squashes some of the other rumours that are currently circulating. Check back regularly for more detailed updates on his condition and a recovery time.

18 February (15:19)

Fans across the globe were enjoying a live stream of the final Internazionali D’Italia round, but things turned sour when Tim Gajser crashed in a dramatic fashion. Gajser over-jumped a jump by a significant margin and then laid in the track unconscious. The footage of the gruesome incident can be viewed below.

Tim Gajser actually started the heat in second, behind Antonio Cairoli, and made a brief run at the lead. Things begun to unravel though and Jeremy Van Horebeek slipped past the former champion before the crash. There have been some initial reports from the track, but none of them seem too trustworthy. Expect a more informative update to be released when further examinations have taken place.

This page will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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