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ClubMX Indy Review and Detroit Preview

LAST ROUND (INDIANAPOLIS) 65,000+ people in attendance in Indy. Hell, I did not know the stadium had that many seats. From the managers tower, I could barely see all the way to the top level but, from what I could see, every seat was taken. The track was “gnarly” as the kids say today. We could tell early on that the soft dirt would be much different from any round thus far and that played out just as we expected. The way the ruts developed and the way the whoops broke down, played right into the hand of riders that have more experience.

Words: Press Release/Mike Bonacci | Lead Image: ClubMX

Jeremy falls into that category. At 29-years old, he has the experience to fall back on and that allowed him to race his way up to fourth place. Best overall finish so far this season. We are very proud of his efforts and now that I know the rougher tracks are an advantage for him, I will head to Detroit early, grab a water hose and start soaking the track.

ON TO DETROIT: Round 10 brings us back to the Motor City of Detroit. A bit unique this weekend as we will be pitting out of our rig from the parking lot. The interior of the facility does not have quite as much space as it did last year and those teams with transporters were asked to pit outside. Due to the lack of space, Detroit also does not host a fan fest event. These have been very well attended all season so it will be a bit awkward not interacting with the fans. Detroit is another one of those tracks that could play into the riders with more experience. We will be able to see that on Friday as the track develops.

JEREMY MARTIN: Jeremy has now competed in five consecutive Supercross events, more than the last two seasons combined. People know him for his championships and competitive demeanor but often overlook the struggles he has endured. What he has done this season is nothing short of a miracle if you ask me. Take one look at the scars on his back and it will put to rest just how determined he is. He has fought his way up to fourth place in the last event and with a little better starting position, there could have been more to come. He is hard on himself every time he gets off the bike. He wants more. As a team, we are realistic with our expectations and must coach him back to the big picture. Stay healthy, be competitive, have fun and do the best you can. The results will come. Let’s face it, he is only a few points out of third place in the overall standings and anything can happen on any given Saturday. He just needs to keep positioning himself near the front to capitalize on the opportunities.

WE ARE PAST HALFWAY: The season does really fly by. There are a lot of people that help our team throughout the season and for that we are grateful. This picture is of Sean Brennan – Feld Sr. PR Manager and I. As you can tell from this picture, I have the tendency to talk a lot and Sean has the patience to listen. Certainly, he is busy, but he always takes the time to educate me and then guide me when I present some crazy ideas or opinions. It is a team sport and by that, I mean an entire team. All of the competitors in the paddock working with the sanctioning body and the promoter for the betterment of the sport. I firmly believe we have only cracked the surface of where we can go and together, the sky is the limit. Personal thanks to Sean for all he does.

NOTES: • The FXR Pit Shirts matching the gear has been pretty cool. We will save the next edition for when it is warm out!
• Our rider(s) are mandated to participate in the post-race Media Scrum if they are not in the main press conference. Please take the time to interview them when we arrive.
• Garrett Marchbanks has returned to light riding and is in the process of getting his wrist back in shape. Unfortunately, I still do not have a return date.

Our YouTube video series continue to grow. I would appreciate it if you could check out. We are up to 13 episodes.

And for those of you who were alive in 1990 and saw the movie Days of Thunder, have a look at the video we did to announce the arrival of our amateur team racer Alex Fedortsov .

We had a blast making it even though he was not born until the next century. It is pretty damn funny.

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