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Bobby Bruce is a twelve-year-old rider from Medway, Kent, and is currently riding a Husqvarna SW85. He is quickly establishing himself as a leading rider with every British Youth Nationals and MX Nationals round that passes, thanks to some impressive top-three finishes. We caught up with him to see how this year has gone thus far.

MX Vice: How has the past year been for you?

Bobby Bruce: This past year has been great. I’ve had good results and good speed. I’ve been doing the British Youth Nationals and MX Nationals. Also I’ve been working quite closely with Gary Linge, LTA, on being consistent and other elements to racing.

Where’s been the best track for you this year and why?

The best track for me this year was Brampton for the British Youth Nationals. I won four out of five races and I had some awesome lap times. So that was definitely up there for me!


Bobby is loving his SW 85 Husqvarna!

Scott Dunne

With you going to school it must be hard to get out on the bike… How many times a week do you ride?

Obviously I’m still at school full-time so, yeah, it’s harder to get out on the bike in the week. Sometimes on the odd Wednesday I try to finish school at two, so I can go to The Milk Run or just to a local private track. I try to get out two evenings a week, one of those being with Gary Linge.

When are you looking to move onto a big wheel?

I think maybe next year I will move to a big wheel, as I’ve only just turned twelve. I’m enjoying being on a small wheel for the moment.

Do you feel like you’re improving after every round?

Yeah, my confidence is growing more and more after each race. I feel like I’m becoming a better rider after each round.

Is there anyone you’d like to give a mention to for the help of the last 12 months?

Yeah, I’d like to thank all my sponsors. My sponsors are Gary Linge LTA, Evotech, CI Sports, United Racing, and Alltec Property Improvements. They’ve all helped me massively.

Interview: Matt Singer | Photos: Scott Dunne

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