So Fund: Help Callum Ford

Updated: 4th August, 8:00pm

Unfortunately, fifteen year old Callum Ford was injured at Canada Heights this past weekend in the MXY2 Class. Callum was taken to Kings College hospital in London immediately, and he is undergoing treatment on his ruptured spleen. Callum is currently on morphine and is stable.

Sometimes this sport can really suck, and it’s usually when injury hits. Rather than Callum’s parents having to fork out for fuel fees and hotel cost, a charity at the hospital has offered them a place to stay. Although extremely grateful for the support from the fund that was initially set up, Neil Ford (Callum’s father) would like any donations made to support the charity that is providing the housing service for the families of patients whilst they stay in hospital. With the sport being as dangerous as it is, its great to know there are charities  that are supporting us motocross riders and our families.

If you get a chance, send him a tweet (@CallumFord31) – he’d really appreciate it. If you would like to donate a couple of pounds to the charity, please go here:

Thanks for your help

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