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Back in the day the MX way, MX Reunion!

We all suffer the same during the winter months as the withdrawal from MX sets in, its just a bug and no matter how hard we try we just can not shift it.  Even those who have been out of the sport for a while will never be free of the intense pleasure of hooking your leg over a bike and sitting on a start line.  Well if we can not compete anymore or are not quite as fast or as fit as we use to be then what better than to relive the good old days chatting to mates about the skills we use to have.
Back in the day the MX way is an MX Reunion for all eras of the sport. It will enable riders, ex-riders, spectators, parents and organisers to relive a little of the time spent in a muddy field with great mates.
The reunion will take place at Broad plain Boxing Club, Bristol BS2 9ES (just off of M32) from 8pm till 11pm on Saturday 23rd Feb 2013
There will be a free buffet and private bar with all drinks at great private club prices.
We will be showing some old DVDs and displaying photos and reports. If you have any that you would like to include please either send a copy of them to Emma Hucklebridge 85 Pinewood Way, Colerne, Wiltshire SN14 8QU or upload them on to the face book page Back in the day the MX way or tag me into them.
We need to know numbers of people attending this event so that we can cater for all, so we are selling tickets but at a very low cost of just £2 each. All profit from ticket sales is going to the RUH Forever Friends Appeal to aid the building of a new Cancer Unit.
This event will only take place if we have enough people who purchase tickets prior to the week of the event so please contact myself or pick tickets up form Motoxtreme in Marshfield or Edwards Car Company in Box, Wiltshire. Over 80 people have already stated on the face book page they are attending the event, feel free to add your self to this list.
For further info please call or text Emma on 07865 076 866
Lets make it a great event, which in another 20 years time we will remember just like the great times in the past.

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