An IMBA Rev Up: This Weekend

That time’s upon us already this weekend, where the AMCA’s fastest riders head out across Europe to the final rounds of the IMBA Championship that are taking place in Beggingen in Switzerland and Recoaro in Italy, The women are heading out to Beringen in Belgium to make a run for the top step and championship decider to see who will be crowned king and queen of the IMBA!

Our UK Carp Baits British ladies team consists of BWMA Championship leader Chelsea Gowland, Taylor Scott, Kayleigh Durston and Marnie Saunders. After Chelsea has put herself on the podium twice at the last few IMBA rounds, she is only thirty-six points behind championship leader Brenda Wagemans, who certainly won’t be giving up that top spot easy.



Ady Cowshall

Moving onto the boys in Switzerland, this will be one hell of a race day! With three British riders leading the way in the MX1 class (Waterman, Carless, Dodd) and only fifteen points between them all, it will certainly be one to watch as things heat up!

While further down in Europe we have got, yet again, three British riders sitting at the top of the leaderboard, with Geartec KTM rider Ray Rowson, FUS Husqvarna’s Luke Burton and the LDR Kawasaki’s Lewis King.

Let’s say the British team will definitely be bringing some silverware home this weekend!

Words: Sophie Mcginn | Lead Image: AMCA Events

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