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A lap of Farleigh Castle with Jeffro

I entered the Vets MXDN event for a bit of fun in the Evo 250 class. I then got a call from Dave King asking if I’d ride for England in the main VMXDN Evo race after Kurt Nicoll couldn’t make it. “Okay” I said and that was it, a little bit of pressure was on. It got worse when I ballsed up qualifying and let the lads down, but I gave it my all in my first competitive event in five years. I had to fight from the back in every race and here you can see what that was like with the opening lap of my first moto. Enjoy the ride…without the effort and bruises!!

Thanks to Haggis Hartman for the cool picture, Dave ‘Left Eye’ Lopez for the awesome 87 CR250 and everyone else who helped and cheered me on! – Jeff Perrett

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  1. Monda

    I enjoyed that. Liked the tight cornering.”Arm pump in the first bend then down hill from there”, made me laugh. I know how you feel Jeff, for me last year it was all about lasting the weekend and finishing the 4 races as only raced 5 times in 15 years. Did you get any arm pump ?

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