A Chat With: Martin Barr

It has been a nightmare season for Martin Barr so far but at Desertmartin his season turned around in style.
Second overall and winning the final moto of the day, Barr showed everyone just what they had been missing when he was out injured. He also showed how mentally strong he was to come back from the adversity of the start of the season.
A second place in race one gave Barr the confidence to win but a fall in race two prevented him from challenging there. However, in race three Barr put his textbook technique and silky smooth style to good use. On the bumpy rutted Desertmartin circuit, Barr was flawless en route to winning in front of an adoring public who saw their second local mx2 moto win of the day.
Barr got a large cheer as he stepped on the podium and it showed just how much support he has at home and how happy everyone was for him to get that win after the tough season he has had.
MX Vice sat down with a delighted Barr after the race to see how he was feeling after such a big win.

So first moto win of the year and the first moto in in a couple of years, it must have felt brilliant to do that.

Yea obviously coming into today I was looking forward to it but with the injury and stuff I missed quite a few races and i didn’t think the race pace was going to be there at all so I was actually quite surprised.
The first race me and Graeme going at it was good. I didn’t get such a good start, I think I came from maybe eighth or ninth but it was good for the two of us, the home boys, to be 1-2 but obviously it would have been nicer if I was first! But hats off to him he rode really good and I was happy with second, I wasn’t expecting that at all.
Race two is where it all went pete tong, that’s where I messed up the overall. I was lying third behind Elliot and I felt I should have got by him sooner and then i wouldn’t have been as bad. The arm pump then kicked in and I actually had a crash that dropped me to fifth and that’s what did the damage.
Going into the last race I knew I had the pace and i wanted to go out and finish on a high. I got a good start and was behind Elliott and I had the back section really dialled. I was getting the triple double section every lap and that’s where I passed Elliot. I just got the head down and started pulling away to get my first moto win of the year, second overall and my first time on the podium this year. It’s absolutely brilliant the home crowd was fantastic and going round the track it was like a Mexican wave, it was brilliant!
My vmxmoto.com/Nutt travel KTM was working superbly and with my dad on the spanners, planet suspension, everything was fantastic. I just want to thank everybody who has supported us.
I also want to dedicate this to Robert McIlroy who passed away a couple of years ago and to Callan McErlain who passed away last week – that was for them.
You had a good qualifying, did that help lift your confidence coming into the race or where you still wondering where you stood especially with the way the track conditions were?
Yea I was surprised. Because I haven’t been racing I have only been concentrating on getting the laps in so I haven’t been doing any qualifying laps or training that way. So to go second in Q1 and third in Q2 it was good and I was happy enough.
When you got in the lead where you conscious of Banks-Browne coming back at you or did you feel you had the stuff to pull away?
I felt I had the pace, he was holding me up a bit because every time I got close he filled me in and I had to do my goggles and he stretched it out a bit. Once I got by him I knew I had better lines because I could see where I was catching him and just started pulling away. I was over the moon, it feels good and I was first KTM today so it is good for those guys too, so I’m happy.
And after the start of the season, the way the first round went, to come back and win so quickly and to do it at home must be even more satisfying?
Yeah definitely. It was late coming into the year and getting everything sorted. But it was probably the best shape I have ever been feeling. I was third in the first moto at Fatcats and couldn’t have asked for a better first race. The second race I just more or less fell over and did the damage to my thumb and it more or less mucked my whole season up for the Red Bull and the British Championship. It is important for me now to get as many moto wins as i can and get on the podium and see what comes about for next year.
Interview by Jonathan McCready

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