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“2 strokes are better!” says Ryno…sort of..

Not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but down here on the beautiful south coast, unlike yesterday it’s blustery and grey, but this isn’t a blog about the weather. What with feeling pretty tired after football training last night (yes, some of us can love football too….although you won’t see me rolling around of the floor like I’ve shot by a sniper) and the crappy weather outside I thought I’d spend the morning doing a little bit of surfing on the net.

On Vital MX there’s a great piece with Ryan Hughes. Ryno has never been short of confidence on a bike and he hasn’t exactly been a shrinking violet off it either! Hughes earned a lot of respect from plenty of Brits when he came over and raced at the Vets MXDN at Farleigh with his hard, all action racing style and his honesty in his interviews. Well check this video out on Vital MX where he puts, what we think is a valid point about how things have changed since he was running for AMA championships. We agree with him. Oh and try not to get too down on the thought of riding Glen Helen on a nice sunny day when you’ve work to do here at a home.

Watching Hughes rip round Glen Helen certainly made me feel like having a blast today, but then I remembered back to the Vets MXDN and how I thought I was going to have a heart attack at any time over the weekend because I hadn’t raced for so long. I mean, I’m tired now as I sit here, so instead I thought it was much easier just to revisit that moment on the internet, and besides no tracks are open near me to today (well that’s my excuse anyway). So I got on YouTube and started looking through some of the vids from the Vets MXDN where I found the one of me by the guys at Too Fast Films. Watching this video back just makes me agree with Ryno even more, you really do have to ride a two stroke and that’s why they’ll always be my true love…. and just like any true love, it’s always exciting but inevitably hard work!!

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  1. toofastfilms

    well said Mr Perrett You can’t beat the smokers for out and out fun. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the pass you put on Ryno in the main race which can be see at 10m46 secs in the VETS MXDN movie if you watch very carefully !!

    Did you see “2 Stokes only” we uploaded back in august featuring James Dunn and Matt Moffat.. if you dig your 2 strokes you’ll love this !

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