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British Motocross Championship 2023 Preview

The British Motocross season well and truly begins in earnest this weekend at the brand new circuit of Oakhanger in Hampshire.  Set up on MOD land in an arrangement made by the crew behind the Michelin Nationals series, it is the first true collaboration between the two biggest promoters of outdoor Motocross in the UK.

Words: Ben Rumbold | Featured Image: RHL Activities

The Michelin Nationals were due to run here last weekend, but the weather put them back to the week after the Revo series kicks off, at the same venue.  Initially, the new circuit was to be flattened after the last race had finished, but it might now be used for a training facility for the armed forces instead.

Whoever sets eyes on this circuit cannot fail to be impressed. It is simply stunning, and it is going to be extremely challenging. One top rider walking the circuit was heard to say that it looks deeper even than regular Dutch and Belgian sand circuits, that his participation in last year’s Weston Beach Race was good training for it!

Here’s your team-by-team guide to who’s lining up this weekend!



GTCI Revo Kawasaki

#100 Tommy Searle – 2022: Champion, 4th time. 5 Overall Wins, 8 Motos (from 16).

Phoenix Evenstrokes Kawasaki

#277 Jay Hague – 2022: 2022: 18th (MX2), Best of 6th Overall @ Foxhill, 1 x 3rd-place moto

Modu Kawasaki

#211 Billy Mackenzie – 2022: 19th, Best of 1 x 9th-placed Moto @ Whitby


Crendon Fastrack Honda

#3 Josh Gilbert – 2022: 4th, Best of 2nd Overall (Canade Heights, Landrake), 1 Moto Win

#426 Conrad Mewse – 2022: MX2 Champion, 4 Overall Wins, 8 Motos (from 14), 4th at Landrake MX1

C-Res Bikesport Newcastle

#714 Brad Todd – 2022: 6th, Best of 5th Overall at Blaxhall, 1 x 5th-Placed Moto

S Briggs Commercials Honda –

#162 Stuart Edmonds – 2022: 13th, Best of 4 x 8th-Placed Motos

Ultimate Wheels Thunder Road Honda

#17 Luke Smith – 2022: 25th, Best of 2 x 14th-placed Motos (Canada Heights & Landrake)

#7 Louie Kessell – 2022: 40th (MX2), Best of 13th (Race 2 Foxhill)

Store 114 Racing

#511 Steven Clarke – 2022: 32nd, Best of 1 x 9th-placed Moto at Lyng

TRU7 Honda Racing Academy

#49 Callum Green – Championship Debut


Cab Screens Crescent Yamaha

#151 Harri Kullas – 2022: 2nd, 2 Overall Wins, 6 Moto Wins

#184 Jamie Carpenter – 2022: 2nd MX2, 2 Overall Wins, 2 Moto Wins


Gabriel SS24 KTM

#24 Shaun Simpson – 2022: 3rd, 1 Overall Win, 1 Moto Win

#141 Tristan Purdon – 2022: 15th, Best of 5th Overall at FatCat, 2 x 6th-placed Motos

Gabriel KTM

#134 Liam Knight – 2022: 7th, Best of 1 x 6th-placed Moto at Blaxhall

TALK Templant KTM

#115 Ashton Dickinson – 2022: 16th, Best of 4th Overall at Foxhill, 1 x 3rd-placed Motol


SC Sporthomes Husqvarna

#91 Charlie Putnam – 2022: 18th, Best of 1 x 13th-placed Moto at Whitby.

#147 Miro Sihvonen – Makes British Championship Debut

Apico Husqvarna

#50 Martin Barr – 2022: 8th, Best of 4th Overall at Whitby with his best moto of 4th in Race 1

AJP Geartec Husqvarna

#21 Jayden Ashwell – 2022: 27th, Best of 1 x 13th-placed Moto

PP Sport Southside MX/Bickers

#425 Drew Anderson – 2022: 30th, Best of 1 x 16th-placed Moto at Landrake



#2 John Adamson – 2022: 5th, Best of 4th Overall at FatCat with his best moto of 3rd in Race 1

#128 Ivo Monticelli – 2022: 24th in MXGP, Best of 1 x 11th-placed Moto at Lommel


Chambers Racing

#16 Tom Grimshaw – 2022: 3rd (MX2), Best of 2 x 4th-placed overall, 1 x 3rd-placed Moto at Foxhill

#95 Dan Thornhill – 2022: 11th, Best of 1 x 7th-placed Moto at Landrake

Moto Cycle Racing

#10 Jason Meara – 2022: 17th, Best of 1 x 9th-placed Moto at Canada Heights

So the entire top three of last year’s MX2 Championship – Mewse, Carpenter, and Grimshaw, join the elite of the MX1 class to give us what must surely be a titanic year of battling up front. Mewse is an extremely-talented natural rider, who defeated none other than Tom Vialle at the start of the 2022 season at Hawkstone and yet only has a best of 4th overall at GP level. Mewse moving to Honda looks like a good move, although the dynamic with him and DT will be very interesting if results don’t quite go their way.

Searle is an extremely tough nut to crack, going for his fourth straight British title, something that hasn’t been done since the 1980s by the team manager he leaves behind, Dave Thorpe. Heading back to Kawasaki, Tommy does feel at home and perfectly executed the Arenacross series, although he did hint there that he might not be around for much longer.

Kullas is still in the mix, on a Yamaha that is supposedly massively improved, although the team hasn’t had much time with it. Gilbert moving back to Honda could also do him good, whilst overseas wildcards Monticelli and Sihvonen could sink like Petar Petrov or swim like Kullas. Adamson is another hard-charger worth watching, while his countryman Simpson might be in his last season but still has massive ability as a possible winner. His new teammate Tristan Purdon has won seven South African titles so could very much be a dark horse to put a surprise in.



GTCI Revo Kawasaki

#53 Dylan Walsh – 2022: 6th, 4 x 2nd Overall, 2 Moto Wins

Phoenix EvenStrokes Kawasaki

#6 Carlton Husband – 2022: 12th, Best of 6th Overall at Whitby, 2 x 5th-placed Motos

#127 Sam Atkinson – 2022: 17th, Best of 1 x 7th-placed Moto, Landrake

Blades Bikes

#82 Charlie Cole – 2022: 11th, Best of 5th overall at Lyng with his best moto of 4th there


Southside MX

#20 – William Farrow – 2022: No Points Scored

Gabriel SS24 KTM

#23 Taylor Hammal – 2022: 33rd, Best of 5th Overall at Culham

#411 Shaun Mahoney – Championship Debut

426 Motorsport

#28 Charlie Griffiths – 2022: 17th (125cc Youth), Best of 1 x 6th-placed Moto

WPH/SBE/Pure/Redline KTM

#40 Jamie Wainwright – 2022: 14th, Best of 4th Overall at Canada Heights

Algas Medical

#57 Kyle McNicol – 2022: 27th, Best of 4th Overall at Culham with 1 x 3rd-placed moto there

PSU Designs Ltd

#63 Dan Arkell – 2022: 6th (125cc Youth), Best of 6th Overall at FatCat

Verde Shiloh KTM

#119 Bailey Johnston – 2022: 32nd, Best of 1 x 14th-placed moto at Whitby

#303 Jake Millward – 2022: 12th (MX1), Best of 3rd Overall at Culham

RSR Plant Services

#122 Jake Sheridan – 2022: 16th, best of 1 x 9th-placed Moto at Landrake

Matt Gardiner MX

#410 James Barker – 2022: 4th (125cc Youth), Best of 4th Overall at Canada Heights

GRT Impact KTM

#419 Joe Brookes – 2022: 9th (125cc Youth), 2 x Overall Wins & 2 Moto Wins

Team PP Sports Powered By Southside

#500 Callum Murfitt – 2022: 8th (250cc Youth), Best of 3rd Overall at Blaxhall, 2 x 2nd-placed Motos

TALK Templant KTM

#616 Ollie Colmer – 2022: 2nd (125cc Youth), Best of 2nd Overall at Culham with 1 Moto Win


Geartec Husqvarna

#44 Elliott Banks-Browne – Semi-retired 2012 & 2013 MX2 Champion

Apico Husqvarna

#131 Henry Siddiqui – 2022: 48th, Best of 2 x 18th-placed Motos at Foxhill

#433 Jack Lindsay – 2022: 25th, Best of 1 x 12th placed Moto at Lyng

SC Sporthomes Husqvarna

#261 Jorgen-Matthius Talviku – 2022: 13th, Best of 2nd Overall with 2 x 2nd-placed motos at FatCat


Stebbings Car Superstore / 426 Motorsports

#517 Isak Gifting – 2022: 5th, 2 Overall Wins, 4 Moto Wins

Chambers Racing

#10 Harvey Cashmore – 2022: 5th (250cc Youth), Best of 2 x 3rd Overall

#300 Ben Franklin – 2022: 30th, Best of 1 x 8th-placed Moto, FatCat

#731 Alfie Jones – 2022: 15th, Best of 1 x 6th-placed Moto at Landrake

723 Race Bikes / Westsole Fencing

#75 Aaron Ongley – 2022: 35th, Best of 2 x 16th-placed Motos at Canada Heights


#163 Ben Mustoe – 2022: 7th (125cc Youth), Best of 2 x 3rd Overall

#579 Bobby Bruce – 2022: 34th, Best of 5th Overall at Whitby


#719 James Margetson -2022: No Points Scored


TRU7 Honda Racing Academy

#422 Charlie Heyman – 2022: 125cc Youth Champion, 3 Overall Wins, 15 Wins from 20 Motos

Wulfsport/Marsh MX

#99 Howard Wainwright – 2022: 38th, Best of 1 x 13th-placed Moto at Culham

Oakleaf Worx Motorsport

#166 Josh Taylor – 2022: No Points Scored

Southside Motocross

#687 Jake Rackham – 2022: 17th (250cc Youth), Best 1 x 8th-placed Moto at Canada Heights


Cabscreens Crescent Yamaha

#365 Sam Nunn – 2022: 19th, Best of 4th Overall at Whitby

Croft Garage / Goggle Tek

#11 Rob Holyoake – 2022: 52nd, Best of 18th at Whitby

DS Lausnir Yamaha

#49 Eidur Orri Palmarsson – 2022: 16th (250cc Youth), Best of 6th Overall at Blaxhall

GMR Magic Mushroom Yamaha

#74 Tom Murphy – 2022: 33rd, Best of 1 x 14th-placed Moto at Canada Heights

The MX2 Class is completely wide open. Dylan Walsh will surely have the speed to win, but there have been serious questions about the bike’s reliability and there are also date clashes with his preferred AMA Supercross career to contend with. A good start is essential.  Jorgen Matthias Talviku will be strong in sand so should enjoy Oakhanger, and could turn the impact he made last season into a major title challenge.

A sensational late entrant comes in the shape of Isak Gifting, the Swedish GP hotshot who was left without a ride after Hitachi KTM pulled out of 2023 racing. Amazingly the late saviour of his season comes in the shape of Conrad Mewse’s last-minute setup from last year, Stebbings Car Superstore with 426 Motorports in the team title! Suddenly MX2 just got that little bit of a higher level.

Major interest in MX2 comes with the arrival of a whole wave of fast rookies, to go with promising young stars returning from injury.

In the latter column, the likes of Bobby Bruce, Taylor Hammal, Kyle McNicol, Ben Franklin, and Sam Nunn will be looking to get their careers back on track by winning domestically before taking on Europe. The rookies are led by dominant 125cc Youth Champion Charlie Heyman, who impressed on debut at the final round at Landrake last year, taking fourth overall and leading much of the last moto. Ollie Colmer was a distant 2nd in the Youth, but was right up there at the Hawkstone International and could grow to be a force. Joe Brookes, James, Barker, and Ben Mustoe are also looking to make a good impression, as are second-year former youth Champions Alfie Jones and Bailey Johnston, along with Phoenix Evenstrokes Kawasaki rider Sam Atkinson.

Many veterans like Jamie Law have moved on, but Carlton Husband returns on another Phoenix Evenstrokes Kawasaki and looks strong after winning in Scotland, whilst Elliott Banks-Browne looked good in Arenacross and could still impress amongst the younger lads. Former AMCA Champion Jamie Wainwright returns to his family set-up and could be a major challenger in a happy environment. Jake Millward & Glenn McCormick move down from MX1, with Millward campaigning a screaming two-stroke KTM which should please fans of the oil-burners.

It’s all to play for in both classes and we can’t wait to get the season started!