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DB Racing Honda Hawkstone Park report

As the Maxxis British Championships headed to Hawkstone Park in Shropshire, for round 6 of this year’s championships, the DB Racing Honda Team had James Cottrell sat in 10th position overall in the MX2.

James qualified in 16th place, he was still in a confident mood though knowing that all season he has raced better than he has qualified.

Race 1 saw a blistering start for James and after a lap he had lost a couple of places but was still up in 5th position. James was now comfortable in 5th but still within striking distance of 4th and on the very last lap a mistake from the rider in 4th saw James get right up behind him but with only a few corners remaining he couldn’t find a way past but still claimed a great 5th place finish.

A big crash at the start of race 2 saw many of the top riders go down including James, which resulted in him completing his opening lap in 34th position but he was cutting through the field like a hot knife through butter, averaging more than 1 position a lap as he forced his way up into the top 20 in just 8 laps, to finish the race in 18th.

James’s 3rd race of the day wasn’t the familiar MX2 only race, but the MX1/MX2 mixed race previously seen once before this season. Always up against it when competing with the more powerful MX1 machines, James got a decent start to lie inside the top 20, but more importantly he was well inside the MX2 top 10. He started to make passes back and pulled himself up into 15th in the race & 5th in the MX2 category.

James’s results overall on the day placed him in 8th overall on 25 points, and he now sits in 9th in the championship with 2 rounds remaining.

Reflecting on his day, James said’ Qualifying was a nightmare for me today, I got into it straight away but my time wasn’t really all that but I didn’t stress about it because I know I can race better than I qualify.

Race one is my best British Championship race finish ever in 5th.  In moto 2 I crashed in the first turn but then came back from last to 18th, I rode well but obviously that wasn’t brilliant for points, then in the last race , it was the mixed race and I finished 15th.  I beat some of the top boys and scored a few points, so I’m well happy today.’

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