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Insight Podcast: David Luongo

David Luongo discusses the state of the MXGP series, exclusive MX Vice podcast.

There have been countless debates about the FIM Motocross World Championship in recent weeks; hot-button issues have dominated headlines. There was no better place to go for some answers than directly into the office of David Luongo, the Infront Moto Racing CEO, for an exclusive MX Vice podcast. Luongo was very candid when talking about the pressing issues, like the lack of entries and need to get riders overseas for the flyaway Grands Prix.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

The EMX250 class was discussed at length too; Luongo explained why the age limit for that class is the same as the MX2 division and how more riders could potentially be pushed up to the highest level. Why is the Grand Prix of Great Britain not be run in the British summertime? That was tackled too, as well as the need to uncover some more personalities within the paddock. Yes, this one-hour discussion is packed full of insight and answers a lot of the burning questions that fans have had for years.

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