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Dan Thornhill – Red Bull Pro Nationals – Round 4 Whitby

This weekend we took a long 5 hour trip to Skelder Bank, Whitby for the fourth round of the Redbull Pro Nationals.

On arriving at the track on Friday afternoon the conditions were looking very dry with all the hot weather we have had leading up to the event.  But as usual when it was time for qualifying on Saturday morning the track was prepared to its best condition.

Qualifying went well for me feeling comfortable with the track I found myself putting in a lap time on the first timed lap to slot me into 3rd, then going out to try and got a little better which I managed to do to take pole position by the end of the session.

Moto 1 came round quick and I started the best possible way I could by grabbing the hole shot and taking the early lead.  With the track conditions getting very slippery as the heavens had opened I found myself coming under attack and loosing the lead at half way distance.  Fighting for the lead I found myself settling for second position at the flag.

Moto 2 started similar to the first moto gating within the top 3 and the track again pretty slippery I rode a consistent race to take 3rd place at the flag.

With Saturday’s racing out of the way I had two motos on Sunday to look forward to.  Moto 1 on Sunday and  moto 3 of the weekend again started fairly well with a top 3 start I soon moved into 2nd position and pushing on I found myself pressuring for the race lead and at the half way mark I made my move and took the race lead to eventually win the moto.

Moto 4 was the final race of the weekend again grabbing another good start I found myself snatching the early lead before disaster stuck as my clutch seemed to be dragging really badly, I lost a few positions. Whilst trying to hold on to a solid position I made a silly little slip off in one of the hard off chambered corners to drop down to 9th in the race and to hold this at the chequered.

I am happy to come away with 2nd overall on the day even with my misfortune of having a few clutch plates break into pieces in the final  moto and to carry the red plate into the next round at Canada heights.

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