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Dan Thornhill – Red Bull Pro Nationals Race Report

This weekend was Round 2 of the Red Bull Pro Nationals at Weston-Super-Mare.  On arriving the new track was looking absolutely awesome as well as the whole set up on the beach.

Looking forward to getting out on the track to see how the track rode; qualifying came in no time.

With the Rookies being out first thing the track was super smooth and fast which made lap times very close throughout the whole group.  Struggling to make one complete, solid and mistake free lap I managed to end up with 6th place which was good for a good gate choice but I knew I had a little more in the tank.

Moto 1 soon arrived and getting a good jump out of the gate I pushed into the first corner but lost the front wheel on hard braking which caused me to fall in the first corner.  Getting back on, with all my work cut out I soon pushed through a lot of the pack before the first lap had been completed but again pushing slightly to hard I over cooked it through the long waves down the sea wall and found myself tasting yet again some more sand.  Getting back up dead last this time and having to spend some time getting the whole front end straightened up I set myself on gaining as many points as I possibly could. Pushing all the way to the chequered I managed to make it back to 14th at the flag.

Set to put the first Moto issues behind me, I gated in 3rd in Moto 2 and managed to pick off two guys by the end of the first lap to find myself at the front of the field.  Pushing on putting in some solid consistent laps I found myself winning the moto with a 11 second advantage over 2nd place.

With some confidence from Moto 2 on Saturday, Sunday soon arose and the track was yet again prepped and in awesome shape.  Getting a similar start as before I pushed on taking the lead by lap 2 and again putting in some consistent laps to find myself with a great 25 second victory at the chequered.

Moto 4 was a different story however!  Getting on the start as the starter stood with the green flag up my bike cut out and wouldn’t start.  Doing the best I could I automatically felt like I had an issue with the filter box.  Whilst the other riders were revving for the gate to drop I was re-fitting my air filter to hopefully help the bike to start up.  Luckily the bike fired just as the gate dropped so I left the air box panel on the floor and set off as quick as I possibly could.  Pushing as hard as I have ever pushed through the first two corners, somehow I managed to come out in 8th place. With some technical issues we are yet to define what and plenty of the Weston sand being sucked into the motor, I tried my best to ride the bike to the finish managing to nurse the bike across the finish line in 4th place.  Luckily enough for me the bike stopped just after the finish line which was a relief for me.

After an eventful weekend I am happy to leave the beach with 2ndplace on the podium and to be in one piece.  Looking forward to move to the next round I would again just like to say a big thank you to everybody who continues to support me.  #95

Picture By Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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