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Crockard survives Kester mudbath

Monday 30 June, 2014 — The 49th motocross in Kester, round three of the Belgian Masters of MotoX brought together a world-class field of riders. Unfortunately the event also suffered terrible weather conditions. Home rider Kevin Strijbos won both motos over Jeffrey Herlings (3-2) and Jeremy Van Horebeek (2-3).

A cool surprise for the Belgian fans was the return to Kester by former World number three Gordon Crockard. On his last visit to the Kesterheide, 14 years ago, the ‘Crockstar’ rode his Honda to a podium finish. The most successful Irish motocrosser of all time had a difficult day in the mud.

Perfect track conditions in the morning gave Gordon the opportunity to get used to the track again. However, regular showers throughout the day turned the natural track into a sodden mess for both motos. 24MX Honda’s guest rider struggled with a bad start in the first race. Crockard bounced back from 21st after the opening lap to finish 16th. Plagued by setup issues this was all Gordon could muster.

The coach of the Honda 150 Championship showed his experience by making excellent adjustments to his CRF450R for the final moto. Crockard immediately felt more at home and carved his way through the pack to 10th. He looked set for a strong finish until he made a mistake. Gordon’s bike almost got stuck in the mud and he decided to retire.

Gordon Crockard: “The objective was to learn how I currently rank against the top GP riders. In spite of the rain the previous night the track was amazing in the morning. It was in great shape and I enjoyed riding it. Once it started to rain it turned into a complete mud race! People assume that I enjoy that because I’m from Ireland where it rains all the time but, really I don’t! For the first race the bike was set up too low and too soft for the size of the ruts and the weight of the mud. I raised the bike for the second moto and watched the track before going out. In spite of losing my goggles in the second corner, my pace was a lot better. When I crashed it took forever to pick up the bike and with the position I was in at that point it made no sense to continue. All in all a terrible shame that the weather spoiled the fun because I was looking forward to some fast bumpy racing.

The good thing was that I always enjoy visiting Belgium, there’s so much passion for motocross here. So it was cool to see many familiar faces again and the people from the club made me feel as welcome as ever. Hopefully I can find another cool race to do where it doesn’t rain!”

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