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Coventry Junior MX have fun down on the farm

With the rain holding off and a little bit of sunshine for the weekend CJMX had 100+ riders attend the 10th CC an mini team event fun trophy day at Airfield Farm.

First out on the track were the Open class Shaun Cole was on top form battling with Luke Houghton for top spot on the podium Shaun managed to grab two out of three wins getting the overall Luke finished the day with second, and Darren Ismay following closely in third.

The senior group had some close racing action with Tom Kennedy and Matt Harrison, two wins and a third place gave tom the overall victory ahead of Matt and Gareth Artus.

Ollie Benton showed the way in the BW class dominating with all three race victorys second on the day went to Kyde Marlowe who consistant throughout all races. Mitch Warhurst took third overall. Also a big well done to Brad Thornhill getting 10th overall at his first race meeting.

The AMX were next out on the track Jack Gardner rode outstanding in race 2 and 3 taking the lead from when the gate dropped till the very end. in the first race he got 4th but with the 2 wins and the fourth that got him the overall win.

Chuck Davies was on fire and put in a brilliant performance to work his way rapidly into second place overall with a win, second and a 5th, Followed closley by Rob Johnson who secured himself with third overall.

Myles Taylor took the honours in the Autos with all three wins. three second places gave Tyler Etheridge second, Harrison Boam went home with third spot on podium.

A win, second and a third place for Harrison McCann gave him the overall in the 65 class with Aaron Patstone taking second overall helped by two wins and a fifth. Jacob Russell took third overall.

Small Wheel riders Ben Kind and Will Webster-Wall battled their way through all races of the day they both rode extremely well ben managed to get the overall with will in second. Matt Brame got a second, first and a 12th in the third race which got him third.

Autos: 1 Myles Taylor, 2 Tyler Etheridge, 3 Harrison Boam, 4 Jack Lillyman, 5 Wayne Hill.

Juniors: 1 Harrison McCann, 2 Aaron Patstone, 3 Jacob Russell, 4 Jacob Bell, 5 Dylan Woodhall.

Small Wheels: 1 Ben Kind, 2 Will Webster-Wall, 3 Matt Brame, 4 Hayden Stevens, 5 Dillon Fitzpatrick.

Big Wheels: 1 Ollie Benton, 2 Kyde Marlowe, 3 Mitch Warhurst, 4 Frazer Harrison, 5 Cameron McCann.

AMX: 1 Jack Gardner, 2 Chuck Davies, 3 Rob Johnson, 4 Jake Lord, 5 Scott Hambridge.

Open: 1 Shaun Cole, 2 Luke Houghton, 3 Darren Ismay, 4 Brad Doyle, 5 Stephen Harrison.

The Mini Team Event Results -Top Three Teams.

1st Place – Team 10 – Jack Ratcliffe, Zac Smith, Ben Kind, Shay Marlowe, Harrison McCann, Jacob Bell = 630 Points.

2nd Place – Team 1 – Charlie Hulley, Karl Waby, Josh Oates, Warrick Gibbs, Shaun Cole, Luke Houghton = 625 Points.

3rd Place – Team 20 – Abbie Chambers, Matt Brame, Hayden Stevens, Bradley Clarke, Thomas Rudd, Darren Ismay = 611 Points.

Photos – Jemma Mx Photos

Report – Jemma Lavender

MX Vice Editor || 25

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