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Corsham SSC join the MC Federation

Corsham SSC is the latest high-profile club to sign up to the MCF, the UK’s freshest and most forward-thinking governing body.

The Bristol-based club was formed in 1967 and has always been affiliated to the BSMA. However, earlier this week the decision was made to make the switch to the MCF.

“We have made a lot of friends at the BSMA and had great fun but we felt in the interests of the club more could be offered to our members by switching to the MCF,” explains Corsham Director Andy Hicken. “We are looking forward to running our last three 2012 club championship events under the MCF banner.”

Corsham SSC regularly attracts upwards of 200 riders for events and prides itself on listening to its members, investing in club facilities and organising first-class meetings at first-class venues.

“Corsham SSC is run by a great team which I believe is a big factor in the success of the club,” adds Andy. “Our aim is to provide affordable racing at good tracks with a great no-marshalling family experience.”

“It’s great that the Corsham club have made the decision to join the MCF,” says MCF General Manager Roy Barton. “I have been talking to members of the club for some time and the committee now feel that the time is right to make the switch to ensure the future of the club. We will be working as hard as ever to make sure of a smooth transition, creating as little disruption to the committee and riders as possible.

“It was a shock at the speed that Corsham wanted to change but everything will be in place in time for Enmore on September 23. With the MCF growing every year the Corsham club will be a welcome addition to the Elite Youth League and part of the new plans to be announced for 2013.”

Members will not have to pay MCF day licence fees for Corsham’s remaining club championship rounds at Enmore on September 23, Rockhampton on October 7 and Brookthorpe on October 21.

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