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CJMX – Sherwood

Cjmx held a 2 dayer at Sherwood on the 30th and 31st March the sunshine was out most of the time throughout the whole weekend there was some awesome racing going on from all groups from Autos up to Vets race

First out on the Saturday was the Autos where Cameran Box grabbed the first race win ahead of Tom Miller in 2nd

the second race win went to Riley Harrison who rode superb throughout race 2 Tyler Etheridge grabbed second Kayde Rayns in third

The last race of the day for the Autos Cameron got himself another cracking win withTylerin second who rode consistent throughout third went to Riley.

Next out were the Juniors Jack Grayshon Dominated getting all three race win Ben White got second in the first race ahead ofHarrisonmCcann(ag racing) in third.

The second race Lewis Wood finished in 2nd with Ben in third.

The last race  of the dayHarrisongrabbed second, Ben in third.

Small Wheels were out next Dylan Spencer got the first finish flag ahead of Kieran Ryan and Scott Davison in third.

Second Race win went to Callum Green, Dylan in second, third space Scott.

Last Race victory went to Callum who rode superb battling with Dylan in second, Third Scott.

Will Jeonny and Mitch Warhurst hasd three great battles in the big wheels will had two race wins and a second. Mitch took two seconds and a 1st with Matt Brame in third.

In the AMX Rob Davison and Grade Featherstone battled there way for 1st place thoughout all three races Rob grabbed two out of three wins with Gradie taking the last win and two seconds. Dean Hakes had 3 great races in third.

Josh Cadman dominated with three wins Rob Yates had two 2nds and a DNF Gareth Artus had two good thirds and a 5th in the seniors.

Patrick Mayor got 1-1-1 Thomas Batty got two 2nds and a 5th, Matt Porter also had good races in third.

The first ever vets championship all three races were dominated by Sean Doyle ahead of John Gauntlett who battled to first place. Lee Bingley got third place.

Second Day at Sherwood riders woke up to sunshine but still had a bit of chill in the Air.

First out on the track were the Autos Charlie Hayman went with all three race victories with Cameron Box who rode consistent throughout in second. Kayde Rayns in third.

Harrison McCann(Ag Racing) had two wins and a second in the juniors Ben White in second, Dalton Dring in third.

Callum Green got 1-1-1 on the second day with Dylan Spencer who rode 3 awesome races in second in the Small Wheels Kieran Ryan in third.

Mitch Warhurst and Will Jeonny battled for first, Will Managed to get 1-2-1 with Mitch grabbing the second win finishing the day with 2-1-2. Layne Cupitt and Matt Brame battled throughout the racing Matt got third with Layne Settling with 4th.

In The AMX all the races were great to watch Rob Davison and Gradie Featherstone battled there way to first place, the first win went to Rob but in second moto Gradie grabbed himself the second win, the Last race Gradie had a cracking start grabbing the holeshot and lead the way for 3/4 laps then Rob jumped passed him and went into first Rob and Gradie Battled the rest of the race near the end Rob had a got himself a clear lead pulling away from Gradie, last lap rob took the victory. Dean Hakes and Jake Lord also had a good battle for third place.

Curtis Blamey had 3 firsts ahead of Kurtis Williams in second and Gareth Artus in third on day two.

Josh Spinks bagged the first win in the OPEN class Patrick mayor in second, Third Andy Smart.

Race Two Luke Burton and Josh was on a mission for first Luke got the second win with Patrick in second and Josh in third

the last race Luke got the last win with Josh in second Patrick in third.

Sean Smith had 3 cracking starts in the vets class in first ahead of Peter Benton in second. John Gauntlett in third.

Autos: 1 Cameron Box, 2Tyler Etheridge, 3 Riley Harrison, 4 Kayde Rayns, 5 Jude Turton, 6 Charlie Turton.

Juniors: 1 Harrison McCann, 2 Ben White, 3 Jacob Russell, 4Harrison Boam, 5 Lewis Thompson, 6 George Jones.

Small Wheels: 1 Dylan Spencer, 2 Scott Davison, 3 Kieran Ryan, 4 Callum Green, 5 Tj Brown, 6 Harry Phillips.

Big Wheels: 1 Will Jeonny, 2 Mitch Warhurst, 3 Matt Brame, 4 Layne Cupitt, 5 Daniel Shepherd, 6 Danny Viera.

Seniors: 1 Curtis Blamey, 2 Gareth Artus, 3 Oli Benton, 4 Dan Strangeway, 5 Charlie Sutton, 6 Corey Green.

AMX: 1 Rob Davison, 2 Gradie Featherstone, 3 Dean Hakes, 4 Jake Lord, 5 Scott Hambridge, 6 Richard Grey.

OPEN: 1 Patrick Mayor, 2 Andy Smart, 3 Matt Porter, 4 Brad Doyle, 5 Ross Benton, 6 Ashley Dabell.

Vets: 1 John Gauntlett, 2 Sean Doyle, 3 Lee Bingley, 4 Stuart Mayes, 5 SymonBurton, 6 Phil Ridley.

Report – Jemma Lavender

Photos – Jemma Mx Photos

MX Vice Editor || 25

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