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CJMX Race Report – Mepal


Glorious sunshine and a superbly prepared track greeted the 200 riders who took part in the joint meeting of Coventry and East Anglia at Mepal recently.

The plucky Auto’s kicked off the proceedings with some magnificent racing during every block of racing, Ethan Martin crossed the finish first in the first block with Freddie Wyard taking second and Harvey Cashmore third.  Race two and this time the win for Freddie Wyard, second for Harvey Cashmore and third for Callum Murfitt.  The final race and with the crowd cheering them to the finish Harvey Cashmore crossed the line just ahead of Freddie Wyard in second and Callum Murfitt in third.

Ike Carter can sure race sand taking three brilliant race wins in the Junior 65cc Class, Reece Martin took second in race one and Dylan Woodall third.  Race two and second position again for Reece Martin with Sam Nunn taking third position.  The final moto saw Dylan Woodall coming in second behind Ike with Reece Martin crossing the finish in third.

Danny Rapson rode his heart out to take maximum points in the Small Wheel 85cc group with three straight wins.  Second in race one went to Calum Mitchell and third for Ryan Allison.  Race two and second for Reegan Brooks with Calum Mitchell crossing the line in third.  The final race and second again for Reagan Brooks with a cracking third place for Drew Anderson.

The Big Wheel groups saw battles a plenty but no one could stop Jordan Eccles from crossing the finish line first in every moto scoring himself well deserved maximum points.  Race one and second place after a great race for Mitchell Warhurst with Toby Avis coming in third.  Race two and second this time for Tommie Schofield just ahead of Toby Avis in third.  The final race and a stunner it was with Jordan taking the win ahead of Tommie in second and third this time going to George Gregg-Pettit.  Brilliant racing from start to finish !

William Keogh stormed to a first race win in the Senior MXY2 Group with Alfie Bowtell close behind in second and Daniel Neale in third.  Race two and a brilliant race from Max Acres ensured he crossed the finish line first ahead of Alfie Bowtell in second and Will Keogh in third.  The final moto and it was chop and change right to the end but Will Keogh pipped everyone else to take the race win with Alfie Bowtell in second and Joe Borrett taking the final podium position.

The spectators eagerly awaited the MX2 Race and were not disappointed with Arron Jenner putting on a star performance taking three straight wins.
A brilliant ride by Carl Hayward in race one ensured he came in second with Sean Bardwell taking third.  Race two and second again for Carl Hayward with third this time for Dean Hakes.  The final race and second for a deserving Dean Hakes with Mitchell Bligh taking the final podium position.

Brad O’leary proved there’s life in the old dog yet with a fantastic performance taking the first race win in the MX1 Group ahead of Jared Goodwin in second and Ryan Fellows in third.  Race two and this time the win went to Jared Goodwin with Brad O’Leary taking second spot and a cracking third place for John Waghorne.  The final race and the crowd were going wild from start to finish with all the chopping and changing that was taking place but Jared Goodwin managed to remain cool and take the race win ahead of Ryan Fellows in second and third going to Brad O’Leary.

Finally the Vets had their turn but no-one came close to keeping Matt French off the first place podium with three excellent race wins and coating the backup lapscorers in sand !
Second in race one went to Chris Keeble with third place going to Lee Scott.  Race two and second again for Chris Keeble with third this time going to Mark Mitchell.  The final moto and Mark Mitchell snatched second place behind Matt French with Chris Keeble taking third place.

A thoroughly entertaining day from start to finish.

Thanks must go to everyone that took part or helped out in any small way with special thanks going to Stuart Nunn and his team for a great race track.

1st – Freddie Wyard
2nd – Harvey Cashmore
3rd – Callum Murfitt
4th – Ethan Martin
5th – Bradley French
6th – Kayde Rayns

1st – Ike Carter
2nd – Reece Martin
3rd – Dylan Woodall
4th – Sam Nunn
5th – Tai Elvin-Andrews
6th – Tom Murphy

Small Wheels
1st – Danny Rapson
2nd – Reagan Brooks
3rd – Calum Mitchell
4th – Lewis Cloud
5th – Ryan Allison
6th – Drew Anderson

Big Wheels
1st – Jordan Eccles
2nd – Mitchell Warhurst
3rd – Tommie Schofield
4th – Toby Avis
5th – Joshua Keeble
6th – George Gregg-Pettit

Senior MXY2
1st – William Keogh
2nd – Alfie Bowtell
3rd – Daniel Neale
4th – Oliver McMurray
5th – Joe Tobutt
6th – Jack Camwell

1st – Arron Jenner
2nd – Carl Hayward
3rd – Dean Hakes
4th – Mitchell Bligh
5th – Sean Bardwell
6th – Paul Kilsby

1st – Jared Goodwin
2nd – Brad O’Leary
3rd – Ryan Fellows
4th – Michael White
5th – John Waghorne
6th – Ben Hayward

Vets Class
1st – Matt French
2nd – Chris Keeble
3rd – Mark Mitchell
4th – Lee Scott
5th – Andy Thorpe
6th – Rob Mortimer

Report – Julie Hambridge


MX Vice Editor || 25

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