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Chatter Box: Phoenix

In an effort to elevate the appearance of the sport, post-race press conferences have been added to the Monster Energy Supercross series this year. Eli Tomac and Ryan Dungey were among the frontrunners who tackled questions from various members of the media in Phoenix and, obviously, both riders had intriguing main events. Those questions and answers can be found below.

Question for Ryan Dungey. Five podiums in a row and a fifteen-point lead in the championship standings. You have to be pretty proud about that. About halfway through the main event you were trying to get around Cole [Seely], but then the guy with the number twenty-two on his number plates goes around both of you! Did that catch you by surprise?

It did. I knew it was a Yamaha behind me, but I didn’t know if it was Cooper [Webb] or Chad [Reed]. I got a glimpse of who it was at the scorecard – he was behind me for a while. I watched the semi and he was really good in the whoops; I knew had to get those down so that he did not come up the inside. I set my sights on trying to make the pass on Seely.

I was able to, which was good, then he took the position back in the sand. We went into the next corner and he slid, so I was boxed in down that whole rhythm lane and there came Chad. Chad was riding good, you know. I don’t want to say it was a matter of when he was going to pass us, but I knew he was going to be there the whole time.

Once Chad got by I tried to just tow in behind him; I knew I was losing a lot of time in that one rhythm lane. Overall, I just tried to tow in with him. His bike was hooking up good and he just had it down. I wanted to make a late charge at the end there, but I wasn’t able to. The guy was riding good.


Ryan Dungey showed a lot of passion in Feld's post-race session.

Sean Ogden

Question for Eli Tomac. Two awesome starts. That was pretty much the tale; once you got to the front you rode excellent and really pulled away quickly. How did you get those holeshots?

I don’t know! We were just on it tonight. When you are in clear air it makes that racing that much easier. Shoot, there was a lot of stuff going on this week that changed for myself and the team. It turned into a positive obviously. These past three weekends have been pretty embarrassing for myself as a racer, so I feel like I am at least back to some fighting form.

Question for Eli Tomac. How much can you tell us about what actually went on during the week?

For me, it is all about finding a good balance. Going from the fall to Anaheim 1, I thought I was in a really good spot. You go to the race tracks and it is a different story; I have done it for quite a few years now. I thought I was in a decent spot, but I was struggling big time. We made some changes this week that just fit me.

Question for Eli Tomac. How did you hold it together after those first three races, keep your head in the game like you were able to do, make the proper changes and get yourself back in the mind-set to go and do this? How hard was that, when you obviously had to be frustrated?

I mean, it was embarrassing. I just felt terrible! All I could do was just try to get better, as I didn’t believe that I was that guy getting eighth place. I don’t know. It probably looks really weird that I went from eighth to first place in one weekend with how bad I was riding, but I just found a better balance for myself and it happened.

Interview: PC Transcript | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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