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Chatter Box: Jorge Prado

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It only took seven rounds, but Jorge Prado is a winner in the premier division in the FIM Motocross World Championship! Prado went 2-2 en route to the overall win at the Grand Prix of Citta di Faenza and ticked a huge box on his career checklist. MX Vice editor Lewis Phillips tracked the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing star down on Wednesday evening to talk about the significant moment in his life. This interview was first posted as a FLY Racing post-race podcast on MX Vice.

MX Vice: We have spoken for a while now. We have spoken about your speed and good starts. We kind of knew you were getting closer and closer to your first win. You finally got it done today with 2-2. You must just be over the moon. This is what you have dreamed of all your life, I guess.

Jorge Prado: Yeah. Today is a special day. It was hard as well. I had to really push both motos. It was a pity I made a mistake in both motos that cost me, let’s say, a heat win maybe. I’m super happy though. I worked very hard for this win. I’m over the moon. It was a perfect day today. 



Ray Archer

What changed from Sunday to today? Was anything different with you? Did you do anything differently? What was different?

Honestly, I think the track was a bit better for me on Sunday. Today I could manage to push through that tiredness, keep pushing and I think I was a bit more focused. I think it was that. Probably more focused and I managed to push really with all I had until the end.

I guess the experience that you got on Sunday helped as well, because you knew exactly what it was like to lead and be attacked on this track. You knew exactly what to expect. 

Yeah. I knew what to expect. I knew if I dropped, riders would pass me. I really wanted to win. I was in a position for the win. I said, “It’s today or never.” I couldn’t wait to the next Sunday to maybe get a win, so I really wanted to get it today. It was perfect.

Do you think you rode better in the second race than in the first one? I don’t think many people noticed. After Tim [Gajser] passed you though, you  made a bit of a run at him again and set your fastest lap times. I thought you might have actually got him. 

Yeah. I was running very good at one point in the second moto. When I made the mistake on that lap I was on a fast lap. I was pulling away, then just in the last downhill I could not get traction. I got pushed to the outside and almost crashed, but I somehow saved it and rolled the jump. Tim was there though. He passed me and then he pulled away a little bit, but like not much. He was there in the front. A couple of laps later I got some very good rhythm and I caught him back. I even attacked him a little bit. I could not make the pass. It was a pity, because I think I was riding a bit faster. It is what it is though – he defends good. I was riding good. I was riding good in the second moto.



Ray Archer

Did you learn anything from Tim after he passed you in the second moto? Pick up on any lines? How about with Jeremy [Seewer] in the first race?

Well, in the first race I was quite tight. I was already not riding very comfortably from lap one. In the second moto I was loose, so that was good. I had good lines. Tim had different lines in some places, but maybe his lines worked for him and not for me. I stayed with my lines that I knew were good. I knew where he was a bit faster. In some places I was faster. It was like elastic. In some places he goes, then I’m back. A little bit like that in the beginning, but finally I could be second and good for the overall.

We are at round two at Faenza. How are you feeling? We have had two really hot days. Did you feel it at all today or are you feeling pretty good?

I really didn’t feel it. I did not even think about the heat. I don’t know how many degrees it was.

Hot. It was just hot.

Yeah. I do not even know. I didn’t really think about the heat. I was just focused today and did what I had to do, racing. I was just thinking about doing a good race and that’s it. Not really about the heat. I did not feel the heat at all.

Just how good is it to get the first one in the books and out of the way? Now you can push forward and, hey, maybe get another one!

Hopefully we can get another one and maybe a race win. That would be awesome. Let’s race! Let’s do some training this week and have a good ride on Sunday.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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