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Chatter Box: Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac has come on leaps and bounds since the opening two rounds of 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, yet he is still a tad tricky to figure out. Tomac has been simply phenomenal in the second motos, much like he was in his title-winning years, but the first motos have been baffling to say the least. It would seem as though an overall win is on the horizon though – he has just been too good not to get one.

Tomac talked about his up-and-down results quite candidly in the post-race press conference following round five, at Southwick, as he admitted that he too does not understand why he cannot string two great motos together. The comments that he made in that media event have been transcribed below, so that they are easier for you to consume.

MX Vice: Good job in the second moto today. It seems like you have been trying to find this flow, which you are starting to get into. It also seems like you are having fun. How have you been feeling? 

Eli Tomac: Yeah, the second motos have been great! I look back at the last three weeks and I’m just like, “What has been going on in moto one?” I haven’t been able to figure it out yet, other than maybe it’s a little bit of starting position the past two weeks. There was no excuse this week – I almost started in the same spot in moto two and was able to come through. I don’t know. I made a little bike change between one and two today, but I was talking to some people earlier and I said that I was not sure if it did all of that. We have got to figure something out. Maybe a little bit of start position? At least I am getting one of those wins in there but, with the way that I have been riding in the second motos, I am like, “Dang it! I want that overall.” Moto one has not been cutting it. I have got to figure it out.



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You have been hard to figure out. You go from not doing what we expect to being the Eli that we expect. There has been a lot of discussion about you changing teams and starting a family with another child coming. We have all theorised whether these things have anything to do with what is going on, so I am asking you. Does any of that affect your day to day and results?

If it does then I have not nailed it down yet. My routine at home is the same. Nothing has changed riding wise or training wise – I have always done the same thing. Maybe that is something there? Nothing has changed. I can still get all of the work in. Family time is great. If anything then it makes me more motivated as a racer. I’m just trying to figure out moto one. It seems like I am always a little bit further back on the start and then get stuck behind guys a little bit longer than I do in moto two. That is the only thing that I can nail it down to right now.

Is it difficult to prevent yourself from trying to reinvent the wheel too much? I’m sure you are searching and trying to figure out why, but it is not that far off. Is it tough to not try to experiment too much to try and fix that problem? You are not that far off, obviously, based on the second motos.

Yeah, we were not far off. It was literally clickers between one and two, that was it. Like I was thinking about  it earlier, moto one was a little more one-lined. Maybe it was not but in my opinion it was when getting through guys. The roost was sticking to my goggles worse and that sort of thing. That was what happened today. I don’t know! That is just how it goes.

57 points down in the championship. How do you feel about this? You would have been feeling completely different after the first two rounds, but do you feel like you have a shot at this? Where do we go from here? 

I will feel like I am in it if I am within a moto’s worth of points or even if it is down to 30. 50 is a way out… You are just going for broke and everything at that point. That is not anywhere in the mindset. It is just all about figuring out moto one and trying to get an overall first.



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We are going to one of the best tracks on the calendar next week, Millville. Thoughts on that track and whether it is a bonus for you to go there.

I think so. I like that one. It is a good track… All these ones; Southwick, RedBud and Millville. These are all tracks that I have been looking forward to. Even Washougal! We only got half of those last year. I’m excited to go back. It is just one of those tracks that is just different. You have got sand on one half and then normal clay on the other side, so for the most part I like it.

When you leave these races after having a difficult result and a win in the second moto, do you leave with a sense of satisfaction or frustration? What side does it tip over to?

Today was such a flip flop! It is like both. I am just like, “How did I flip flop that bad to where I was able to come through that easily in the second moto?” I was just stuck where I was at in that first moto. It is both. It is really frustrating when you do not get on the podium.

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