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Chatter Box: Dylan Ferrandis

When Marvin Musquin withdrew from Paris with a knee injury, the thousands of French fans turned their attention to Dylan Ferrandis. Ferrandis rose to the occasion and delivered under that pressure, however, and even won a main event on night one. The second night did not go quite as well, but he still acquired a spot on the overall podium and was more than happy to reflect on everything that transpired in this MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: Good weekend, I think. Today was a bit up and down with crashes and bad starts. On a whole though, I don’t think it could have been much better.

Dylan Ferrandis: It definitely was my real first race on the 450F. I think I showed some good speed and some good stuff. Happy with the second overall. Finished second behind Jason Anderson, the supercross champ. He is really, really good. I showed some good things. I had a lot of fun, especially when I won the second moto Saturday night. It’s a check on my bucket list. In a career, it is something for a French rider to win in a French stadium. It is just unbelievable. The feeling was… I don’t have the word.

I couldn’t hear my engine when I was riding. It was almost difficult for me to focus, so really will be the best thing I will remember for this supercross edition. Some crashes for sure. I tried to give my best all weekend and sometimes I pushed over the limit, but I am happy. Make some really good lap times, felt strong physically all weekend and it is good for the future. I hope to move to the 450F soon. It is good. I showed that I can do some good things.


Dylan Ferrandis stole second overall in the overall results by one point.

Jey Crunch

Like you said, you stepped up to the YZ450F for this race. How much time did you have on it before coming here?

I rode the full last week on it and this week; I rode Monday and Tuesday before leaving for here.

Was it tough? Were there times out there that you kind of forgot that you were on a 450F and rode it a bit like a 250F?

It is okay. The thing is my 450F is not factory. We brought some parts, but everything is stock because my team is a 250F factory team. We do not really focus on the 450F. They let me ride this race, which is really nice. I just brought some suspension and a pipe. It is okay. That was enough. We see that was enough. You must have a factory 450F, to really do good, but it was enough for this weekend.

Even though you were not on your bike, did you still learn stuff out there that you can use in testing for next year? 

Yeah, we always learn in the races. I chose to do this race to learn more supercross technique and have more experience. We learnt a lot this weekend. Especially when you ride with other riders, it is a big battle, the whoops section and stuff… We learn every time.  

Were you surprised how good you were this weekend? Obviously, like you said, the situation wasn’t ideal, but you were maybe the fastest rider. The main event was obviously up and down, but for one lap the speed was there.

No, I was not surprised. I have worked in supercross for a while to be good. We worked really hard the last couple of days and weeks, plus in training the speed was good. We knew that we could do something good. To beat the champ, [it was] not enough for sure. 


Dylan Ferrandis dropped out of the top four just once over the weekend.

Jey Crunch

Like you said, winning one main event was crazy and coming into today you had a real shot at being the King of Paris. Did that play on your mind too much? Was that maybe why your starts weren’t as good today?

No, not at all. Just a small mistake in the first moto. The guy rolled the first jump and I jumped, so we touched each other and crashed. I started dead last and had to come back. I finished tenth. In the first moto it was only four minutes, so I finished tenth. After that, you pick up the gate number ten and it was just a bad situation. I knew it was going to be complicated to be the King of Paris with Jason, but it’s okay.  

Finally, obviously back to America now. What’s your plan from here? Do you know what coast you are preparing for? What is on the schedule?

Yeah, tomorrow we have the first plane to be back in the USA. Some days to recover from the travel and the jet lag then, as soon as we can, back on the Yamaha supercross track with laps, lap times, starts and working on the bike to be ready. I hope to do the west coast next year, so [I’ll] be ready for Anaheim 1.

One more thing. Is there one thing that David Vuillemin pointed out this weekend that was like a big thing that helped your riding a lot? Is there one thing that sticks out in your mind? 

It’s always a lot of things with DV to focus on, but I think whoops on supercross is the most important point. He always tries to improve my technique and my speed in the whoops. We find some good solutions all the weekend, especially with the whoops that were really technical this weekend. They got destroyed really easily. It’s always a good point for me.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: @Crunch724


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