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Chatter Box: Adam Sterry

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Adam Sterry was arguably the star of the show at the 2019 Hawkstone International. The F&H Racing Kawasaki rider was the quickest MX2 rider from the beginning of the very first qualifying session and was only restricted by a bobble in moto two. Still, despite that, a statement was made. What caused this transformation in the off-season? Sterry discussed that in this exclusive MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: Usually you come to these pre-season races and you have a lot of questions, but I feel like we have kind of got none about you. Today confirmed that the pre-season went well. Off-season went well. You are feeling it. It seems like everything is super positive.

Adam Sterry: Really positive day, to be honest. I can’t really say anything negative. Just a small mistake on my behalf in the last lap of the second moto, which threw way my overall. Three holeshots with one race that was cancelled and almost holeshot the Superfinal. Riding was good. Consistent. I was fast in qualifying and fast every session. There were almost no mistakes. Only positive things to take away. 

Do you feel like you have actually improved riding-wise compared to last year? Is this just you when you are healthy? Had you not been injured last year, would you have just been riding like this all year? 

I have always had the speed, it is just limiting the mistakes. That is kind of what Marc [De Reuver]’s helping with… Limiting the mistakes. But since 2016 I have just been injured. It has been a nightmare, to be honest. Not being able to do my training properly. That is been the biggest thing. I’m obviously working with Marc now, which is positive. I live in Holland, which is good for training. The bike is so much better, so I have to say thanks to the team for that. They have done a really, really good job on the bike. That has helped a lot. That is one place we did lack last year and me being healthy, most importantly.  

You say Marc has helped you try to limit the mistakes. How is that even possible? Is it a mental thing? How can you teach someone to do that? 

He has so many little tricks, because he has been around for so long. Just a few little things we changed on the bike, like the handlebar position and just the way we go about things as well. The way we train in the week and limiting some mistakes in the week, then that helps limit the mistakes on the weekend. That is something we have really worked on and something I felt I needed to work on better myself. I have always had quite good speed – it is just that I have had a lot of mistakes. Less mistakes means less injuries, which means I can do the year strong.  

Speaking of that, the off-season, were there any hiccups? Anything that set you back even for a day or was it just all positive and smooth sailing?

No, all smooth. We had really good weather, as well. We spent all the time in Spain. We had almost no hiccups. I had one little bruise on my leg one time which hindered me, but I carried on riding. I cannot really even count that. All positive. That in itself gives you confidence and hopefully I can take that to Argentina.

What about the changes to the bike that you were on about? Can you be a bit more specific with that? I guess last year you improved the engine, didn’t you? Is it building on that? 

Yeah, we improved the engine, but now it is completely different. It is way better again. Just as you could see today, my starts were really good. We have a rocket ship this year. I think everybody can see that it is a bit better as well than last year. Suspension we made a few big changes with KYB. We went a lot harder, so that has helped. Overall, we have made improvements everywhere.

I think that showed today as Hawkstone has never really been one that I have ever done good at. Something always happens whether I make a mistake or injure myself or bad luck, bike breaking or something. Today was good. If you would have said this before the weekend, I would have took it. I’m happy.

What’s the plan before Argentina? Is there stuff you need to work on?

Yeah, still. There is always stuff. I think you can never be perfect. I am sure Marc will have his notes from today. We will go back and ride this week and weekend. It has come around so fast. Argentina is here. It is less than two weeks that we go qualifying. It is mad. Just need to stay healthy and go there. It is my last year in MX2, so I am just trying to enjoy every day as it is and see where that takes us.

What about what you want from the year? Do you have a goal in mind? I guess your first podium is obviously the first thing to tick off the list?

Everybody asks me my goals. I have my goals in my head, like first podium and I would like to win a race and stuff like that. To be honest I am not really thinking about it. I just want to try my hardest each race and give it my all. Whatever happens, happens. If I give my all them at the end of the year at least I can say I gave it everything. Whatever happens, happens.

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