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Chat: Glenn Coldenhoff

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Standing Construct GasGas Factory Racing’s Glenn Coldenhoff is heading into the opening round of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship with a lot of hype in his corner. It seems that no one has forgotten about the way he finished the season a year ago. How has his off-season gone though? MX Vice correspondent Lorenzo Resta spoke to Coldenhoff earlier this week to learn more about that and his new deal with Ryan Hughes.

MX Vice: Welcome back to Malagrotta [a private track that Claudio DeCarli’s branch of Red Bull KTM occupy]. This is a place you know very well…

Glenn Coldenhoff: Yeah, exactly. I’ve stayed here for two years. Actually the last year I was at the factory, we did some testing as well here. I really like this place. It’s a beautiful track. It’s a great track, especially for testing as we still do some fine tuning with WP Suspension. For me, there was only one place to go. You have got some slow corners, some fast parts, and now they built some waves. Up and down, and even some sand.




It’s rough. They have a great facility. They can put water. We are going to spend three days out here and then slowly we go a little bit north to spend another three days there. Like this we avoid the rain in Holland a little bit, because the conditions are not great at the moment. We’ll do one day more in the mud when we get home and then it’s Matterley already. It’s quick.

Only two weeks to go before the Grand Prix of Great Britain. What do you expect from that event? Rain? Mud? Who knows?

Yeah. It’s unpredictable. I think we saw last year that the weather was great in England, and it was also very early in the season. It’s earlier now, of course, but we need to be ready for whatever is coming. England is the same as Holland. You never know.

You had a quiet winter time. We didn’t see you around aside from at the Hawkstone International. How are you doing now?

I’m good. We had a good winter so far. I went to Spain for one week at the end of December and spent about three weeks in Sardinia.

Honestly, everyone was expecting you in Riola [the opening round of the Internazionali d’Italia series at the beginning of February]…

I was expecting myself to be there! I crashed before I went to Riola. Back in Holland I had a small crash and had some pain on my ribs. Those ribs were the same ribs as when I broke my back. My back is still a bit sensitive, so we decided to take one week off. Then I didn’t feel ready yet for Riola, otherwise I would have raced there. We skipped that one and went to Hawkstone Park, which was obviously not the best with the weather.




I was looking at my calendar and thinking that normally Riola is always good. Ottobiano is always rainy, snowy or frozen  Mantova is the same as that. Hawkstone Park is also a bit muddy, but this year was quite extreme. LaCapelle is usually quite muddy there, but it has all turned out the complete opposite. Mantova has been great. Ottobiano has been great. Even LaCapelle was great. In the end I don’t regret it. I just follow my own programme. I felt good at Hawkstone. I had a solid finish there. We can build from that.

You have got Ryan Hughes with you on a full-time basis now as well, for four months at least.

Yeah. Ryan Hughes came over yesterday evening. I made it happen. I feel like I can use his knowledge, experience and all of that. we had a really good week in Spain in December, so I tried to keep it working out. For the first time, it’s only for four months. We will see how it goes during the season. It’s definitely a goal to have him for eight months, so for the whole season. We’ll see how it goes. I did learn a lot already, and I will still improve for sure.

What about the red bikes? When are we finally going to see you on a GasGas?

Yeah, actually yesterday we had a photo shoot. We have seen them. They will not come out until the Friday before Matterley Basin. There will be a presentation. It will take some time still for the fans and the public. For me, it’s going to be quite similar. We are still riding KTM bikes now. We’ll jump on the GasGas in two weeks.

Interview: Lorenzo Resta | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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