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Chat: Adam Cianciarulo

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Adam Cianciarulo continues to hog headlines in 2020 Monster Energy Supercross! Cianciarulo went fastest in practice in St. Louis, won his heat race and then showed flashes of brilliance in the main event. There were a couple of hiccups along the way and those are covered in this exclusive MX Vice interview from Missouri. AC always provides an insightful interview and this one is no different.

MX Vice: An eventful and intense night. The result maybe wasn’t what you wanted, but again there are just so many positives that you can take from this. I think you have to at least leave here kind of happy.

Adam Cianciarulo: I rode really well today. Practice again was unreal. I really don’t know how I’m doing that, going fastest every time. That was super cool. It doesn’t pay any points, obviously, but I know that. It’s certainly encouraging that the bike is where it’s at and I’m where I’m at speed-wise. Getting my first heat win, that was really cool too. I have just been really blowing my starts lately. I made it happen though and made an aggressive pass on [Zach] Osborne. 



Sean Ogden

He got me back for sure, and that set me back quite a bit. I had to use a lot of energy to get right back on those guys. I was riding really well, and I wanted to get [Jason] Anderson for that podium. I was inching up on him and I felt super good the last six minutes of the race. It was a tough track. I just came into the berm after the whoops on the very last lap and kind of just slid into the rut with my front wheel.

I kind of lost my balance and went down, so I ended up seventh. It sucks, but it’s one of those deals where there are so many races and we have got to go again next weekend. I cannot really get too bummed on myself. It’s a little bit different coming from the 250F class where you get seventh one night but there are really only three or four good guys, so you are kind of screwed for the championship. I’m leaving here encouraged. 

You said you rode terribly after your heat win. Was it another one of those things like practice where you came in and were like, “I cannot believe I did that?”

Yeah. I did not know I was going to do that whole sight lap thing in opening ceremonies – it took a long time. I normally come back and do a warm-up before my heat, but I ended up staying down there and thought I would be fine. I was just super cold and not warmed up. I think I kind of fell into what Osborne was doing and I don’t ride like that. I cannot ride like that or else I’ll look exactly how I did [laughs].  

I just kind of had to take a breath and get back into myself. I put in a really good lap in the end. It was honestly the same thing in the main. Once I cleared those guys – once I got [Justin] Brayton and Osborne back – I really got into a flow. That is why I am kind of bummed that Osborne and I had a little back and forth. I don’t think it was good for either of us.

I was relieved when I finally saw you do the 2-3 after the finish in the heat, because I kind of felt like that was a bit of a mental block for you. Everyone started pulling it in practice and despite that you still went fastest. When you finally did it in that I was like, “Here we go.”

I was just struggling hitting some downsides out there today. My timing was really off. Part of it I think is something we did with the bike, but part of it is just me too. I could have been better there, for sure, so my timing was off. Even in the heat race and the rhythm sections I was hitting my head off the bars and all of that crazy stuff. I certainly adapted and did my best. I felt great the last six minutes of the race, which is a really good sign considering how gnarly the track is and how hard everybody was pushing. I think myself, Osborne and [Eli] Tomac were some of the fastest guys on the track there at the end. I was proud of that. 



Sean Ogden

On the plus side, you were one of the first guys to pull the quad over the table. In the main I did not see you pull it too much. Was that one of those things that was like risk versus reward?

Yeah. I just felt uncomfortable in the corner. That’s the corner that I crashed in the last lap. I just felt uncomfortable in the corner and never did it. I kind of decided early that I was not going to try it and just ended up jumping off the table.

You kind of mentioned it before, but you are cool with this seventh. It’s all good, huh? 

No, definitely not. I’m not cool with a seventh. It sucks. With that being said though, you have got to keep everything in perspective. I’m not going to freak out and cry myself to sleep tonight, because in six days I got a chance to go out there and win one. I know what I’m capable of. I think we had a great day, despite the mistake at the end.

Even a fourth would have been fine considering everything that we went through in the main. I think if we can get our starts under control – I assume we will this week – I think I can figure that out. I’m a great starter normally. I always have been. Once I figure that out then I don’t see why I cannot be first, second or third every time. 

What is going on with your starts? You mentioned you were double clutching it up the straight. Where does that come from? How do you fix it?

That’s something we are going to have to figure out! It is just a lot of things with the grate and transitioning from the grate to the plastic to the dirt. There are a lot of moving parts in there, but we’ll figure it out.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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