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Changing times..?

Times are definitely changing in Motocross, not just in the UK but throughout the world. With little or no transparency in many organisations and competitions its no wonder why the MX community is divided on many issues.

My own experiences this year on the other side of the fence has given me an insight into the belly of the beast, something I have been documenting along the way. Lets just say there have been points over the past 6 months, where I stand back and think am I even making a positive impact? Its seems one step forward is followed by 3 back..

Unfortunately we are hindered by an economic downturn that has turned even the most passionate MX person into a ‘get what they can’ out of Motocross. Motocross can’t survive just on passionate people pouring money in, it needs to have a business infrastructure that supports a way forward. I believe what’s missing is a transparency and openness to embrace change, forward thinkers and people who have a balance between passion and business.

How many organisations have we grown up with through the sport still have the same people running it 25 years on? The world was a different place back in the 80’s. I’m not saying its a bad thing, but they have to be open to new ideas, new technologies and push forward.

This group has popped up recently and I think it will be the first of many: website here: .People want change, people are demanding change and with social media bringing the World closer its only a matter of time before people power will take over but that will only happen when everybody joins together as one force.

I guess you have to hear both sides of the story from the promoters view through to the fans and riders to really understand what issues everyone is faced with. I’ve never run an event, championship so I wouldn’t be able to comment..

James Burfield


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