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Changing Times.. MX Vice back on the right path.

It was always a 3 year plan at MX Vice, you can try and run as fast as you can but without the correct strategy you will get lost along the road a little.. And thats just what we done. We hit the Dirt Bike Show, we had this team behind us and we were going to do TV, Magazine, Podcasts and so on.. Then I (James Burfield) thought it would be a great idea to start a team… Oh dear.

A long story short; just say the team of people we had in November changed considerably for various reasons and MX Vice was James Burfield, again. So like a phoenix from the flames January MX Vice started to assemble a young, hungry, passionate crowd that all wanted to contribute.

What happened was those individuals have now worked hard and contributed to elevating MX Vice to the second biggest MX site in the UK and the biggest independent MX site. Elliot Spencer, Lewis Phillips, Jonathan McCready, James Dunford, Ed Warren, Kev Reid, Amy Henry and myself. Elliot has been updating the site everyday, Lewis has been working constantly on opinion pieces and reviews, Jonathan McCready has been writing and producing some of the best MX interviews on the internet while other have been contributing with content, images, updates, videos and everything else!

So what’s happening now?

We have always looked across the pond for what makes a great MX Business and you don’t have to look any further than Vurb, Racer X and Vital. What is interesting is Racer X are the only ones from the 3 who produce a magazine, Vurb are pure digital as are Vital. The UK is always known for following the US and being a year or so behind. Although we have managed to pull in over 20,000 MX visitors a month from the UK and have built 40,000 social friends you can still go to a practice track and no one has heard of MX Vice, this shows the level of work needed for us to climb the next step.

Putting ourselves out there though is only half the story, MX Vice has to give people a compelling reason to visit. Why visit MX Vice first instead of other leading sites? Its all about features and content, you make a great website and they will come, I genuinely believe this  as away from MX Vice my main/real job is MD at Burfield Creative a web design agency in Bath. To get the best features and content we have to invest in people and people are the most expensive part of any business, they are a cost. We genuinely believe that building a great site with great content, engaging features and building a solid team is now the best way forward for MX Vice.

I think the days of a 10k investment at the Dirt Bike Show for MX Vice or paying to be Media Partners is long gone, i’m not saying it was not good investment it helped us to get to where we are now, but times have changed, Vice has changed and so how the current economic situation. This takes me on to my next point, independent shops.. What would we do without these shops? Its not just about shops disappearing its about the lifecycle of the Motocross being handed a huge blow.

Its all about getting back to basics for MX Vice and one step at a time.. We/I have definitely learnt from mistakes and with a good group of people working with me I believe we can genuinely make an impact to support the sport we all love.

MX Vice was never about the money, it was all about creating opportunities for passionate people, helping build an infrastructure in UK MX and be a driving force for people to get behind to promote change.. and wash its own face! On that note i would genuinely like to thank Talon and DEP who are MX Vice biggest supporters, both British companies investing in a British MX site. Thank you once more.

Going forward…

We are all working hard behind the scenes producing a site that works, a site that can handle the above, be future proof and also put us on that top step on merit. The new site is going to be big.. very big and we can’t achieve this alone. We are looking for genuine contributors who can offer both sides to the story, not armchair warriors, no one will ever achieve anything from their armchair. We are looking for the following:

  • Content Writers – Interviews and opinion pieces UK/World 
  • Photographers – Grassroots, Club, Practice Track Photographers UK
  • Videographers – Grassroots, Club, Amatuer and Professional 

All positions are paid. You are paid on the performance of your content, the more popular your content the more you get paid. Its great getting some like on Facebook and some positive comments but wouldn’t it be cool if you could get your expenses covered and some extra money in your pocket? 

The new MX Vice platform will allow you to do this.. You never know you could end up working for MX Vice full time if you continue to impress, don’t believe us, then ask Elliot Spencer 🙂 

I’ve not even mentioned the Worlds biggest MX store! We completed it 6 months ago but its been on hold ready for the new site and when it drops it will revolutionise the UK dealer market. Dealers will no longer need to spend £1000’s on web design and getting to the top of Google when they can run there own store on MX Vice and sell to 65,000 MX fans for £40 a month.. No strings, nothing hidden, you sell £2000 worth of goods, you still pay MX Vice £40. We know this is a genuine support for shops throughout the UK.

Anything else you would like to see on the site, want to get involved, advertise or whatever send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Peace out, MX Bro’s. 


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