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Injury Update: Chad Reed (10/02/14)

Finally, we have received official confirmation on the injuries that Chad Reed has sustained in San Diego on Saturday night. Chad, and his wife Ellie, posted these statements:

Chad Reed: “Not the news I wanted 3 broken bones 1) scapula 2) collarbone 3) T1m which explains the pain I guess. Sometimes things don’t make sense it’s that love hate relationship you have with racing. Every Saturday night they drop the gate and in 6 days time I plan to be there! Thanks for all the prayers hope to make y’all proud.”

Ellie Reed: “3 broken bones. Scapula , collarbone & T1. @crtwotwo has a pain threshold that exceeds any normal rate but who knows how the weekend will be. Racing at this level is tough on a healthy body. Unfortunately this is something he has experienced multiple times in his career. It’s far from pretty and watching your husband cry in pain is something I don’t advise. But his heart would hurt worse by quitting. The kids and I will meet him in Dallas on Friday and we aim to stay in this fight. Our path is never the easy one but we will never give up.#22 #therapyweek #nevergiveup.”

So, will we see Chad Reed in Dallas? Stay tuned.

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