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Catching Up With: Trey Canard

Trey Canard’s career has been a rollercoaster ride of ultimate highs and ultimate lows.

After winning the Supecross lites title in his debut season in 2008, Trey broke his arm in the 2009 outdoor season. In 2010 he won the 250 US National title and the MXDN and followed that by a couple of brilliant wins in 450 supercross in 2011.

Everything was going well but then came the pain of two broken femurs in a row followed immediately by a broken collarbone and then, unbelievably, a broken back in a horror crash at Anaheim stadium in 2012.

Remarkably Trey managed to overcome all the injuries and almost won A1 this year in his first race back from his broken back! Canard went on the finish the full Supercross (6th) and motocross season (4th) on a 450 for the first time in his career and then rounded it off by getting married at the end of September.

The ever smiling Canard visited Bercy for the first time and despite being a bit shocked at Barcia’s pass Canard showed that he was happy and ready to go for 2014.

MX Vice spoke with Trey about his injuries, his hopes for 2014 and if getting married will make him faster next year!


MX Vice: This was you first full season in the 450 and you got through injury free- that must be a big plus!

Trey Canard: It was a real breath of fresh air. I hadn’t done that ever and to come off of three injuries in a row especially a really big, I was really thankful for it and it was definitely a big blessing.

That was definitely the goal last year, of course it is for all years but especially last year.

MX Vice: In outdoors you were maybe a bit up and down but showed good speed as well especially at Millville in that race with Stewart.

Trey Canard I had some signs of brilliance hopefully which was really good. All in all it was really good and I know I learned a lot. That was really key so hopefully all that experience from both seasons can really carry forward into next year.

MX Vice: That race at A1 was so close with you and Davi on the last lap, but was it hard to readjust your expectations from zero, to thinking you can win and then trying not to get frustrated if you weren’t winning?

Trey Canard Yeah it was. I was back at that point but I don’t think I was back fully. It’s hard because I had success right off the bat and it looked like I was back to where I was but I don’t think I really was and it was difficult to kind of have a little success and then not have it. I learned a lot and it was definitely a faith building season and I am thankful for it.

MX Vice: Does your back injury trouble you at all, especially in supercross last year?

Trey Canard: A little bit, the biggest that bothers me is autograph signings when I’m hunched over  for two hours(laughs). But riding is all good.

MX Vice: When you got back on the bike initially where you nervous or did it all come back to you naturally?

Trey Canard: I was nervous for sure.  Especially the first time you have that big crash you’re like ‘ Am I going to be ok’ then you realise your fine. The doctors signed off on everything so it’s good.

MX Vice: All those injuries in a row, obviously there is a lot of physical pain but mentally it has to wear on you as well?

Yeah it is very difficult. The spinal cord injury especially was very difficult after two femur breaks and a collarbone. Everything was piling up you know? It is a process and you still have to work through it, it is a day to day thing. I feel like it is getting better and better.

MX Vice: Next season 2014 is pretty unbelievably stacked, it is hard to pick a top five without offending someone, what are your thoughts on it and does it motivate to work harder?

Trey Canard: Yeah but I am going to do the same as I have always done – my best. I don’t think I have ever gone into a season not having done my very best. I am going to try and let it come to me, I was talking to JMB last night and that was a very important thing, to not try to force. I would really love that win and I am going to do my best for it and when it comes it comes.

MX Vice: Just on that there sometimes seems to be a crazy Trey that comes out when you really want to win – you are prepared to ride the edge.  Is that something you will have to control this season with so many guys?

Trey Canard: Yeah I have tried to control that because there were times in the past were I would maybe push it a little too far over the edge. So I have got to contain that and then when I need it I need it. But I have to be able to use that as well.

MX Vice: With Justin Barcia being you teammate, even in timed practice you are pushing so hard to beat each other, does it help that the two of you are so close?

Trey Canard: Yeah it’s awesome because we are trying to improve the lap time and we are only making each other better and I think that is a really good thing going into next year?

MX Vice: What are your thoughts on Bercy being your first time here?

Trey Canard: It’s definitely crazy! I have had fun and we have had enjoyed our time in Europe and the people here have been really friendly, really nice and really helpful.

MX Vice: Once you go home will it just be training for A1 even over Christmas?

Trey Canard: Yeah, we have a photo shoot, testing and training. It will be busy I’m sure but I will try and enjoy it as well because we don’t have very much time when we are not racing. So we will try to enjoy that with the family and I’m going to try and stay home as much as I can and enjoy that.

MX Vice: Just finally, do you think being married will make you faster next season?!

Trey Canard: I don’t know- I’m being kept in line that’s for sure! So yeah I think so! (laughs!)

Interview and photo by Jonathan McCready

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