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Catching Up With: Shaun Simpson

Shaun Simpson has had a difficult season but the last three GPs have been his best of the year. His two eighth places at the British GP capped a great weekend after Shaun was named on the MXDN team on Saturday evening.

Shaun is one of the good guys in GP racing and it is nice to see him enjoying his racing again and getting the results that his talent deserves.

We spoke to Shaun to get his views on the season, both good and bad, and found out just how excited he is to represent GB for the first time since 2009.

It was a tough start to the season but it has really turned round lately

It has been a tough start to the season. I think I had higher expectations for the TM, things didn’t really work out the way I wanted them too and obviously not the way the team wanted it too either even though I was putting it inside the top ten on a few occasions. It was a shock departure from there and it was a scramble to get something organised three days before Sweden but I have went from strength to strength since then.

I have got the bike working really well, I am really happy with how it’s handling and how the engine is working.  I am using WP suspension which is unusual for a Japanese bike. Other than that I am just enjoying myself again, there is no stress from the team. They are used to top 15 results or even top 20 and now I am putting them back inside the top ten consistently the last three weeks.

An 8-8 here I think I was unfortunate to not have better overall position than eighth. I felt good, Tommy had to pass me twice and didn’t really go away too far and i have been just behind De Dycker the last two weeks who is third in the championship. I am just enjoying myself.

Today was your best two motos of the season it has to feel good to do that in front of the British crowd as well.

It was good. I feel like to today I showed a bit of what I know I can show. I’m not quite where I want to be at the moment but I am building on it even though I know it is late in the season. But I am going in the right direction anyway.

The second moto you were fifth at one point and you were in that group for a podium position for a while and you looked comfortable doing it.

Yeah I was fifth but I think my position at the moment is between fifth and eighth but I feel like I am capable of getting a fifth. In the first one if I’d known how it was going to pan out I should have pushed a lot harder. I was consistent this weekend, I hated the track yesterday it was much better today. Yesterday (Saturday) it was just a show, it was jumps, it was smooth, flat – it was crap. Today it was proper motocross and it was good.

You have finally been selected for the Nations after a couple of years of being controversially being left out. Is it a relief to get chosen and are you looking forward to the event?

It is an amazing event and I can’t say I’m not excited about it because I am over the moon. It puts a really good end to your season and I am going from strength to strength. I am really looking forward to Lierop and I am hoping that will be my best GP of the year. Then to top it off with the Nations will be great. It’s just a nice feeling to be selected and to do your bit for Great Britain, get jazzed up and put it in about the Americans and whoever else is there and get a great result.

Teutchenthal as a track, do you like it ok? You seem to do quite good there.

I haven’t really enjoyed the changes they have made in the last couple of years but it is a nice track. It’s normally prepared well and one that I can’t enjoy so I am looking forward to it.

Is there anything happening for next year? All the factory rides seem to be gone and there are a lot of guys still looking for rides.

To be honest I can’t really see anything great coming out of motocross at the moment unless you are in the top six or top eight maybe. I feel really unfortunate to be in the position that I am in knowing the potential that I have got and what I can do. I am scratching about for little or nothing.

Will the last few results boost your chances any?

I don’t think it matters the factories are going on what they think will happen and not actually what goes on. Lately I have been consistently good but it doesn’t seem to matter, it seems to be not what you know but who you know.

You are almost tenth in the points again and with Philippaerts having a bad race you are close to getting there.

I was hoping to get a solid day today and not lose any points on him.  We ended up gaining a load on him and we are only ten or eleven behind him now. I think we can beat him at Lierop and hopefully get top ten in the championship – that would nice!

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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