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Catching Up with: Bryan Mackenzie

MX Vice caught up with Bryan Mackenzie at last weekend’s Redbull Pro Nationals.

Mx Vice: Hey Bryan, how did this weekend go for you?

BMack: Steady. Not fantastic, but not terrible… two thirds on the podium. I’m getting used to winning moto’s not only at the Red Bull, but everywhere recently. I’m just going to have to accept that today, I wasn’t the fastest guy out there. In the last moto, I got the holeshot out of the MX2 boys. I was on the gas but Nev and Lenoir just came blazing by – I was thinking “shit”. But, I’ve got to say fairplay to them, those boys were on the gas today. Once Nev and Lenoir got in front I didn’t lose too much time on them, but I couldn’t close the gap again. It’s just one of those things – today I wasn’t the fastest guy.

MX Vice: The track looked a lot different to what you guys had rode 2 weeks ago, was that the case?

BMack: Yeah the track was really different. It was not deep sand and it must of had some rain as some parts were really hard underneath and others had soft holes – I’m not talking about small holes, big bloody holes along the straights! The hill is just knackered, up it, along it, and down it is total stone with curbs dug out.

MX Vice: We’ve seen a good few people go down today, was it a case of just riding solid, getting a result in one piece and on to the next one?

BMack: Definitely, and I gave it my best shot, but  it came to a point in the race where I wasn’t as fast as those guys – so I just took the points.

MX Vice: Its been a good season for you and the Pendrich team, same thing next year?

BMack: Yep it was our first full year, we ran part of last year and we will be on a Kawasaki next year, unofficially as the MX2 Kawasaki Team.

MX Vice: Great news. So, will you be looking to take on another MX2 rider to join you and if so who?

BMack: I will be riding and it won’t be someone as fast as me [laughs]! But we want someone to ride top six, and we are waiting for someone to try out the bike in the next week. I can’t name names, but we will have an announcement in the next few weeks. It’s looking good, and we are talking to some potentially big sponsors for next year – it’s all coming together nicely.

MX Vice: A great presence in the pits this year Bry, one of the best.

BMack: Yeah, I’ve been around the paddock for a few years, we try hard and I’ve always been heavily involved in all the teams so I have a good idea of what’s needed. BC has been there too, so he’s a great help in knowing what’s needed. Mark from Pendrich has backed the team right the way since we started, he’s super keen, and loves Motocross and the team. We’re practically around his house everyday, we all love it and we get on well together.

Thanks for your time Bryan Mackenzie.

Interview by James Burfield

Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

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