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Catching Up With: Andrew Short

Andrew Short has been racing at the professional level for over ten years and still loves the sport now as much as he did when he was a kid.

Going into his first full SX/MX season with BTO Sports KTM, Short used Bercy as a shakedown to see where his speed was in comparison with the Factory Hondas.

Short, a two time King of Bercy, has been a perennial top contender in the 450 class for a number of years and brings great professionalism and a focused attitude to any team he is on.

We spoke to Andrew about his experience of Bercy and what his secret was to having a successful career at the factory level without being one of the hyped teenagers when he entered the professional racing scene in America.

You have been to Bercy a lot but how does it compare to supercross in the states?

This is my seventh time to Bercy and the atmosphere here is always electric and exciting. The crowd really gets into it and that’s what makes this place special. The whole atmosphere is wide open and also riding down the hallways makes this special and the biggest one in Europe I think.

You are on KTM again next year, will this year’s experience with the bike help you going into 2014?

Yeah it will be really beneficial to have an off season this year on the KTM to get it really dialled in, and also it’s great to be here in Bercy to get off the gate with the other riders, I think it is a great warm up and I can use it for when Anaheim comes because I will know what to work on and see where my speed is at.

Next year the field is stacked, where do you see yourself fitting in and is it extra motivating with such a deep field?

Yeah I think every year the competition always gets stronger with new guys coming in and we have been very fortunate in the last couple of season because a lot of people have stayed safe which is good for the series and the riders.

For me I want to try and break back into the top five. Last year I was seventh in the points. A lot of things on and off the track happened last season and I think this year life should be a lot more balanced and I think that should help me on the track. The first goal is to be in the top five and from there try to readjust and make my goals a little more progressive.

Ten years ago when you were still coming up and on Motoworld Suzuki, you weren’t the stand out guy but you were one of the next group. How did you rise above them to be the guy that came out of that pack to make a good successful career on the factory level?

I think I was very fortunate to be around good people on good bikes and I love racing and always will. I think I was able to apply all those elements from training, racing, studying video and all that to my advantage. I was fortunate I was able to stay safe for the most part and have successful career. Like you said in 03 I won a race in the 125s and now it is ten years later going on eleven!

It has been a great career for me, I am very thankful because you never know when it is going to end but I have no regrets looking back and a lot of fun along the way.

Interview and picture by Jonathan McCready

MX Vice Editor || 25

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