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Catching up with: Steven Lenoir

The hard pack track at Landrake was expected to suit French flyer Steven Lenoir and true to form Lenoir put it on the podium.

Three strong rides has positioned Lenoir as a title contender but it also gave Dantec Husqvarna their first podium at their first attempt! The move to Husqvarna has clearly paid off for the team, so we spoke to Lenoir about his new ride and his day at Landrake.

MX Vice: Just before you talk about today, did you change anything in the winter program Steven?

Steven Lenoir: I just tried to improve like every year. I was pretty happy with my 2013 season but just tried to get better for 2014. I just changed little things but kept the same team and same trainer and it was good.

MX Vice: You have been over to America a bit was that for a bit of riding and a bit of pleasure as well?

Steven Lenoir: I went with Yannig Kervalla who is the ex trainer of Marvin Musquin when he became twice World Champion.  So I went to his place and I had a month riding over there, unfortunately I injured my shoulder a little bit after two weeks.

Then after I came back straight for Hawkstone but I only had one or two times on the bike before Hawkstone but I had some good weeks on the bike before I came here today.

MX Vice: Do you feel any ill effects from that little accident in America or do you feel ok?

Steven Lenoir: No I feel 100%, I took a few easy weeks,

MX Vice: Obviously new bike this year for you with Husqvarna, has it taken you time to adapt to it or is it similar to what you rode last year?

Steven Lenoir: It’s a bit similar but it needs a little time to adapt, especially me because I like to do a lot of riding to get a good feeling on my bike. But it’s all good, I feel like the bike is mine and I feel good on it.

MX Vice: There seems to be a nice atmosphere in the team is that nice to have people looking after you?

Steven Lenoir: Yeah I like it to be a big family coming to the race. I feel good with this team, I have been working with them for a year and a half now.  It’s also nice to have some teammates, it takes a little bit the pressure off. We have had some good times so far, hopefully we can keep going.

MX Vice: Going on to today’s race, going into it what were you goals and expectations?

Steven Lenoir: I want to win. If you start thinking you are going to get second you are never going to win! I was looking to win but Matiss was a bit quicker. I got third overall and second in the last one not far from the lead.

It’s just a shame about the second race, I got my foot stuck in the back wheel and couldn’t get it out. I went from battling for second and third to I think seventh and finished fifth. It’s a little bit of a shame but I did my best and we are going to keep working with things on the bike and also I’m going to work hard myself to be consistent and we will see at the end of the championship.

MX Vice: Just to finish off, next weekend is the MX Nationals, something a little bit different,  a two day event and you have the fastest 40, so is it quite nice going to a new event and to get some bike time?

Steven Lenoir: For sure it is going to be different and we will see how it goes. It’s not going to be so easy for sure with the 450 but it’s racing and I am looking to do a good result for sure. Culham is not really my favourite track but I have had some good races there.

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Picture: Elliot Spencer

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