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Catching up with: Bryan MacKenzie

Bryan Mackenzie has had quite a month!

A big crash at the Arenacross left him badly injured and it looked like he might not make it to the first round of the British championship. But somehow, someway, with a lot of effort and a lot of pain, Mackenzie made it. And then to top it all off he won the final race of the day!

It was a superb comeback story and took a lot of people (including MX Vice) by surprise. Not many people expected Mackenzie to come back to that level so fast after his crash. But to his credit and with the help of Pendrich Kawasaki, Mackenzie once more proved everyone wrong.

We caught up with a delighted Mackenzie who was getting well deserved congratulations from all over the paddock for his brilliant performance.

MX  Vice: You had a big crash a few weeks ago with some bad injuries, I don’t know if many people expected that performance today in the last moto!

Bryan Mackenzie: I’ve done so much in the last four weeks since I hurt myself, like no expense spared. I have done so much physio and so much work in the gym. I knew today would be pretty tough, my back hurts a lot when I’m cold and when the temperature dropped for that last race it wasn’t feeling that great.

But I knew I was going pretty fast from practicing in the week. It was literally get a start and hang on for as long as I could, well Matiss passed me and he was going really fast but had a few mistakes and I just picked up what he left.

MX  Vice: You looked really solid out front, no mistakes at all!

Bryan Mackenzie: Yeah well since last year when I won those couple of races last year I learnt to always hold your own lines and never race the guys behind you. If I’m going wide just keep going wide and if they are brave enough to stick it up the inside then fair play to them.

That’s what I did there, I didn’t change my lines when I could hear them and just kept going forward.  Matiss passed me and I just let him do what he wanted, luckily for me he was riding too fast and he crashed a few times.

MX  Vice: First race you crashed and had to come from a long way back?

Bryan Macenzie: Yeah the first race I was about sixth or seventh and crashed on the finish corner on the first lap and was last but I came back through to eleventh.

The second race I got a good start and Dougan shut me out and I ended up hitting a bank and came off. So I ended up coming from the back but I didn’t have the funk in that one I think I was trying too hard.

So before the last one I never even came out of the van. I never even watched one lap of a moto, I was just in the van, pissed off and sulking. I came out and it was all or nothing! It was going to be a long drive home if I didn’t do anything in that last race! I’m glad to get our first win of the year and to get it in the first round, it was nice.

MX  Vice: To get a win this early, does this adjust your expectations for the championship?

Bryan Mackenzie: In previous years if I left here in the top six I would have been happy. I have a bad habit of wrecking my championship in the first round. For the last three or four years I have came out of the first round with a 13th or 14th and today was kind of following that trend with an 11th and 12th. I don’t know what I finished overall hopefully around sixth and I’ll be happy with that.

MX  Vice: Just on the injury, what all exactly did you hurt?

Bryan Mackenzie: When I crashed I bruised my lung, broke three ribs around my back, fractured three spinal processes which are the lumps you feel down your spine and I fractured my shoulder blade as well.  I was in hospital for a couple of days on morphine and all that good stuff.

Four weeks ago I didn’t know if I would be here. But like I said the team has been really good to me with no expense spared to get me ready for today. We spent a lot of money travelling all over the country to see the best guys. My trainer put a lot of work into me as well and I’m glad I’m here first of all and I’m glad we could pull it off .

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