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Catch Up: Josh Bunter

Josh Bunter is a seventeen-year-old rider from the south of the UK who competes in the Judd Racing Premier Cup, British Youth Nationals Open and the Maxxis MXY2 aboard his Husqvarna 250F. Josh has struggled thus far this year, so we caught up with him to discuss exactly that.

MX Vice: How has the season gone for you?

Josh Bunter: After the first round of the Maxxis I realised something wasn’t right; I felt completely drained and low on energy. We had blood tests done straight after and it was discovered I had a vitamin B6, B12 and D deficiency. I tried to race the first round of the BYN, but after a lap I couldn’t hold on where I was that fatigued! I’ve now had a lot of time off and slowly got back into a training programme with my trainer Alan Milway. I’m really confident; I’ve just started racing again. This weekend will be my first Maxxis back. I’m still not one-hundred percent with my fitness, but I’m going to go, enjoy it and see where I’m going to be.


'217' went to Brookthorpe racing in the Judd Racing Premier Cup!

Matt Singer

MX Vice: You mentioned a training programme. What does that consist of?

Josh Bunter: We did a lot of testing after what happened. Alan came up with a programme of gradual recovery and a training plan that allowed me to recover fully and steadily. We are still taking it quite steadily and monitoring it to make sure I keep getting stronger and fitter.

MX Vice: What championships are looking to do next year?

Josh Bunter: Next year I’ll be moving up to the MX2 class. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing, but I’m interested in looking at the Pirelli British Masters and Michelin MX Nationals.


Josh is enjoying being back on the bike!

Matt Singer

MX Vice: Have you start to set your goals for next year yet or are you waiting for this year to end?

Josh Bunter: I’m still focused on this year at the moment and getting some good results to make up for the time that I’ve been away. Once this year is done I’ll start to think about next year.

MX Vice: Would you like to thank anyone for the help this year?

Josh Bunter: A massive thank you to everyone involved; Roland from Hardcore Racing, Lee from BRP Imports, Alan Millway, TVD Suspension, Eat My Dirt Custom graphics and PC Flooring.


Josh at Hawkstone earlier on in the year.

Andy Featherstone

Interview: Matt Singer | Photos: Matt Singer & Andy Featherstone

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