Catch Up: Charlie Way

Charlie Way is an 18-year-old from Guildford in the UK. He has a rocky season this year, getting mixed results. We caught up to hear his views on his past year…

MX Vice: How has this year gone?

Charlie Way: An injury finished the season early for me but had some decent results so good and bad really.

What bike have you been on this year and how’s it been for you?

This year I rode the Husqvarna FC250 and it’s been a really good bike out the box. All we did was just add a pipe and suspension.

What series’ are you doing?

Same as this year, the Michelin MX Nationals and the Pirelli British Masters.

Have you set your goals for next year?

Aiming for a podium at the British Masters (5th overall this year) and top 10 at MX Nationals.

Do you ride much during the week?

Not at the moment but I try to get out in the week before big races.

What’s been the best track for you this year and why?

My best track this year has got to be Culham, I had decent results there and it’s just one of the more fun tracks on the calendar.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help throughout the last 12 months?

Matt Hutchins at Evotech for the BOS suspension, Dave Wood Racing for great deal on bikes, Mike Siddiqui for all the support at the tracks and of course my Dad for everything he does.

Interview: @MattSingerr | Photos: Scott Dunne

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