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Catch Up: Billy King

Billy King is a seventeen-year-old from Bath in the UK. There’s no denying that Billy had a big future ahead of him when he started riding for Team Green Kawasaki, but he unfortunately hasn’t been the same since a big crash whilst training in America two years ago. Billy hasn’t ridden as much as he would have liked this year due to having an operation on both his arms, so we caught up with him to see how it’s all going…

MX Vice: How has this year gone?

Billy King: This year has been pretty sh*t to be honest. I’ve had a couple good races here and there, like a third in one race at Preston Docks for the first round of the MX Nationals, but ever since then it’s gone downhill. I’ve suffered with my hands whilst I’ve been riding all year, which has made me not be able to ride how I know I can and want to quit. I went to get them checked out and it turned out I had carpel tunnel, which didn’t allow me to hold on, made my hands numb and made riding dangerous. I went to get that sorted out and had surgery for that and arm pump. I had a couple months off the bike and am just starting to ride again.

How do you find the bike that you’re on?

The bike’s good. I ride a KTM 250SXF and it’s the best bike I’ve been on since I’ve been riding.

What series are you doing?

This year I competed in the Maxxis MXY2 championship and the MX Nationals. I missed the last half of the year due to surgery on my hands/arms though.

Have you set your goals for this/next year?

I’m not sure what my plans are for next year yet so I haven’t set any goals but anything will be better than this year [laughs], but I know I can run up front. I like the look of the AMCA championship and the MX Nationals Expert Cup.

Do you feel like you’ve made a lot of progression this year?

Not really no. If anything it’s set me back, due to not being able to ride much because of the troubles I had all year.

Do you ride much during the week?

During the season I normally try to get out at least once in the week, but this year I couldn’t do that because if I rode in the week I wouldn’t be able to race on the weekends because my hands would be too weak and worn out.

What’s been the best track for you this year and why?

When you can’t hold on, no tracks are fun so I didn’t enjoy any of them this year! [Laughs]

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help throughout the last twelve months?

I’d like to thank Dirt Tribe off-road and MD racing for my kit and bike parts, for my engines, Russ Wells (Rusty PT) for helping me keep in shape, Molson and Gp Grafix for my graphics. I’d also like to thank my family.

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