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Back on Sunday July 7th round 6 of the Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championships took place at Marshfield on what was a scorching hot day. Every effort had been made by the Premier Mx team to get water on the track prior to the meeting to keep the dust down and it was to be done to perfection as the track was ready for some excellent racing.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open class there was great drama and misfortune and at the end of the day there would be a new Championship leader in the shape of Welshman Shane Carless on the Oakleaf Kawasaki who admitted it wasn’t his best of tracks. In the opening race it was Carless and Championship leader going in to the meeting Luke Hawkins on the Phoenix Tools Honda who were to head the pack in to the first corner with Carless just getting the upper hand and the early lead, but Hawkins was to stick with him like Glue and made a move on lap 2 passing Carless midair. John May on the St Blazey Suzuki was in 3rd and was put under huge pressure from TwonineTwo rider James Dodd in the early stages with Dodd getting pass mid race, but the main action was at the front as Carless was to stall his bike on lap 6 and Hawkins got away. Carless gave his all and closed again to within 4 seconds as they entered the last lap, then Carless couldn’t believe his luck as Hawkins was to stall his bike four corners from chequered flag and Carless took the win. In race 2 again it was Carless with the early lead from Hawkins and these two set off at a blistering pace with Carless gradually easing away with Dodd again having a long hard tussle with May, but a mistake from May saw Dodd get clear. As the race reached the halfway point Hawkins was starting to close on Carless and eventually caught him and found away pass to take the lead, but Carless kept with Hawkins all the way ready to pounce on any mistake and did challenge on the last lap, but it was Carless this time who was to stall his bike at the same corner as Hawkins had done in the first race which left Hawkins clear to take the win. So it was a win a piece as they started the last race with Carless dominating from the off from the Meredith Mx Suzuki of Luke Mellows and Hawkins, but Hawkins was to buckle his front disc on lap 2 and was to drop off the pace a bit. Dodd was to move up in to 3rd and was to have a real scrap with Mellows for several laps with Dodd eventually getting pass on lap 6, but he wasn’t going to catch Carless who took the win with May coming through to take 3rd. Hawkins held on to finish the race, but unfortunately he was penalised a minute for outside assistance and eventually finished in 13th which gifted Carless with the Championship lead.

In the Over 35 Championship class there was a welcome return to racing for 2010 Champion Richard Cuff on the Platinum Motor Group Suzuki who was to lead the opening race before being passed by Rick Hanson on the Hanson’s Garage Suzuki, but this was short lived as Hanson and Cuff both made a mistake early on and through came the Championship leader on the D W Racing/S J Hodder Suzuki of Mark Wilde who raced away to take the win. Wilde did much the same in the second moto once he hit the front, but in the last race it was Hanson who showed his authority and took a start to finish win.

In the over 40 Championship class there was only going to be one winner at the end of the day and that was former 125 and British 4-Stroke Champion from years ago Greg Hanson who showed he has still got what it takes with a fine hattrick of wins.

In the over 50 Championship class it was yet another Hanson and current Championship leader Keith Hanson who even though took a tumble at the first corner in the last race saw off the rest of the field to take yet another hattrick of wins.

In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class there was some really fast and thrilling racing with some really hard tussles. In the opening race it was wildcard Rickie Roderick on the RHR/Motopross KTM who took the win, but only just from a charging Championship leader Jay Thomas. The second moto was probably the best race of the day with Roderick leading from the off from the K J Services KTM of Thomas who was all over him like a rash, but Thomas was to try a bit too hard and went down when challenging, however Thomas was to regroup and fought his way back up with Roderick and pushed him hard on the last lap and forced his way pass two corners from the end to take the win. In the last race it was Josh Gilbert with the initial lead from Roderick, but not the best of starts for Thomas who was well back. Gilbert held off Roderick for the first three laps, until Roderick got his nose in front at a tight right hander, but Gilbert didn’t give up and was to pressure Roderick right to the chequered flag to be a close 2nd with Thomas eventually taking 3rd.

Report and Photo by Dave Rich

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