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Cairoli wins Italian title

The third and final Italian Motocross Championship round took place this past weekend in Ottobiano and, yet again, a stacked field ensured that fans around the world were enthralled. The event acted as the final warm up before the FIM Motocross World Championship opener, which is set to take place in a little less than two weeks.

Antonio Cairoli led the field when the MX1 moto commenced, to the delight of the crowd, but a small mistake allowed Jeremy Van Horebeek to slide into the lead. The race for the lead was over at that point, as Cairoli tangled with Evgeny Bobryshev and made another mistake. The Russian eventually crossed the line in third. Jeffrey Herlings was in that battle at the beginning too, but a spectacular crash forced him to retire. Tim Gajser was caught up in that, as he had nowhere to go, hence why he finished a lowly tenth.

Jorge Prado took the holeshot in the MX2 race and led for ten laps, but couldn’t hold off Michele Cervellin in the closing stages. Cervellin, who has been picked up by HRC this year, started sixth and didn’t break into the top two until lap six. Despite losing out on the race win, Prado still claimed the MX2 title with a comfortable advantage.

The third and final race of the day, the Superfinal, followed a similar pattern to the first two rounds. Antonio Cairoli made quick progress to move from third to first in the first three laps and, once he disposed of Jeremy Van Horebeek, sprinted away from the field. Not much changed following that, but Jose Butron did put in a brilliant ride for third! Jorge Prado was the top 250F rider in fifth.

MX1 Overall Classification

1stJeremy Van Horebeek
2ndAntonio Cairoli
3rdEvgeny Bobryshev
4thTanel Leok
5thValentin Guillod
6thKen De Dycker
7thJose Butron
8thAlessandro Lupino
9thRui Goncalves
10thTim Gajser
11thDavid Philippaerts
12thNikolaj Larsen
13thKlemen Gercar
14thVolodymyr Tarasov
15thNicolas Bender
16thToni Hoffmann
17thStefano Pezzuto
18thSam Korneliussen

MX1 Series Standings

1stAntonio Cairoli340
2ndJeremy Van Horebeek320
3rdEvgeny Bobryshev200
4thTim Gajser196
5thTanel Leok165
6thRomain Febvre130
7thAlessandro Lupino125
8thJose Butron122
9thKen De Dycker104
10thRui Goncalves102
11thGlenn Coldenhoff100
12thDavid Philippaerts90
13thKlemen Gercar77
14thVolodymyr Tarasov66
15thValentin Guillod60
16thStefano Pezzuto54
17thRyan Houghton54
18thLuca Moroni51


Jorge Prado has recorded some impressive showings through February.

KTM/S. Taglioni

MX2 Overall Classification

1stMichele Cervellin
2ndJorge Prado
3rdSamuele Bernardini
4thCalvin Vlaanderen
5thGiuseppe Tropepe
6thSimone Furlotti
7thFilippo Zonta
8thBrian Bogers
9thNicholas Lapucci
10thSimone Zecchina
11thAlberto Forato
12thRoan Van De Moosdijk
13thKarlis Sabulis
14thIvo Monticelli
15thJulien Lieber
16thDavide Bonini
17thCaleb Ward
18thGabriel Chetnicki

MX2 Series Standings

1stJorge Prado300
2ndMichele Cervellin280
3rdBrian Bogers165
4thSamuele Bernardini159
5thBenoit Paturel155
6thJulien Lieber146
7thSimone Furlotti134
8thAlvin Ostlund130
9thGiuseppe Tropepe103
10thFilippo Zonta97
11thKarlis Sabulis92
12thNicholas Lapucci92
13thAlberto Forato77
14thDavide Cislaghi71
15thIvo Monticelli66
16thKarel Kutsar66
17thCalvin Vlaanderen65
18thPauls Jonass65
Elite Overall Classification
1stAntonio Cairoli
2ndJeremy Van Horebeek
3rdJose Butron
4thRomain Febvre
5thJorge Prado
6thGlenn Coldenhoff
7thTim Gajser
8thMichele Cervellin
9thRui Goncalves
10thAlessandro Lupino
11thCalvin Vlaanderen
12thKen De Dycker
13thJulien Lieber
14thIvo Monticelli
15thTanel Leok
16thRoan Van De Moosdijk
17thBrian Bogers
18thNikolaj Larsen

Elite Series Standings

1stAntonio Cairoli240
2ndJeremy Van Horebeek200
3rdRomain Febvre145
4thTim Gajser140
5thJose Butron130
6thGlenn Coldenhoff125
7thEvgeny Bobryshev120
8thMichele Cervellin81
9thJorge Prado80
10thRui Goncalves74
11thAlessandro Lupino68
12thTanel Leok60
13thKen De Dycker54
14thBrian Bogers49
15thSamuele Bernardini47
16thAlvin Ostlund45
17thBenoit Paturel45
18thBrent Van Doninck40

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