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HM Plant KTM – Cadders Hill, Lyng – 2013 Maxxis British Motocross Championship, Round 2

After an icy reception at the third round of the FIM Motocross
World Championship in Valkenswaard, the turn in weather at
Cadders Hill in Lyng, Norfolk, is very much appreciated. Positively
balmy temperatures, a dry track and sunshine on Sunday have
turned the third round of the 2013 Maxxis British Motocross
Championship around and make for spectacular racing.
The MX2 class sees a one-off return of one of the team’s
graduates, Jake Nicholls, who hails from these parts. He soon
provides a good challenge for the team’s two top riders, Elliott
Banks-Browne and Nathan Watson.
Nathan is but a few hundreds of a second off Jake’s pace during
qualifying, taking second and keeping that in the super-final too.
He then follows up in the first race with a fantastic piece of racing,
battling with Elliott and then moving up into second behind Jake.
There he works hard to reduce the gap to just under 30 seconds.
In the second race, Nathan has to make do with third, but he
remains close to Elliott throughout. In the third race he runs in
fourth, but is caught out by Nev Bradshaw with just corners to go
and loses that place to end fifth. He takes third on the day and
moves up to second in the championship.
Elliott, having struggled with his bike setup during qualifying and
the first race, tweaks things in time for race two and takes off,
looking more comfortable on the bike and putting a great effort.
However the man out front is just too good by his own admission
at the end of the day, and he concedes gracefully with two
second places in the last two races and a second place on the
day. With Jake not really in the running for the championship, this
is good news for Elliott as he extends his lead to thirty-one points.
James Dunn doesn’t have the best of luck; his first race is cut
short by a mechanical fault halfway into the race whilst in
fifteenth. In the second, two crashes put paid to his ambition of a
top ten result, ending that race watching from the sidelines as
well. The final race though sees the return of the real James.
Riding smart after a great start sees him run in the top six
throughout the race, holding off not only stronger and wiser rivals,
but also pulling up closer to Nathan. With the final race, James
rescues his day with a sixteenth overall.
For the younger Watson, Ben, it’s a mixed bag at the end of the
day too. A fantastic first race result in tenth after a good battle for
positions throughout is followed up with a twenty-second place in
the second. There a bad start leaves him playing catch-up, with
the time running out just before he hits the points again. The final
race also gets off to a bad start, but here he soon is back in the
points before he has a costly moment with a fence that not only
costs him his position, but ultimately his race. He ends the day in
The team now travels to Trentino in Italy for the fourth round of
the FIM Motocross World Championship this coming weekend

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